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Consumer Reports Claims Sonos One, Google Home Max Sound Better Than HomePod
If you were to fire up any review of the HomePod at the moment, many are in agreement of Apple’s claims of a set of great sounding speakers, and that for the most part it sounds better than some of the competition out there, namely the Sonos One and Google Home Max. However at least one review doesn’t think so, and that is the review from Consumer Reports.

Former Sonos CEO Praises The HomePod’s Sound Quality
In most reviews that you will find of the Apple HomePod speakers, many of them handily admit that the HomePod trumps the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home in terms of sound quality. However there are some who aren’t too sure about whether it has trounced the Sonos One, with some saying it’s as good, while some say it’s slightly better.

Sonos Selling Two Speakers For The Price Of One Apple HomePod
Apple finally confirmed this week when it’s going to start selling its $349 HomePod. The company wants its first smart speaker to be compared with premium audio products the likes of which we see from companies like Sonos instead of the cheap virtual assistant-enabled speakers from Google and Amazon. Sonos isn’t going to let Apple establish its footing in this market easily. The company has launched a new promotional offer […]

Some Sonos And Bose Speakers Are Vulnerable To Remote Hijacking
If the Sonos or Bose speakers connected to your home Wi-Fi system are playing strange sounds all of a sudden there is an explanation for it. According to a report, a small fraction of Sonos and Bose speakers are vulnerable to remote hijacking. These include some models of the Sonos Play:1, the Sonos One, and Bose SoundTouch systems. What that means is that someone can use the vulnerability to trick […]


Alexa Can Stream Spotify On Sonos Speakers Now
It was previously not possible to stream music from Spotify on Sonos speakers using Amazon’s Alexa digital personal assistant. That changes today. Sonos has confirmed that its customers can now stream music from Spotify on its products using Alexa. To take advantage of this feature, they will first have to select Spotify as the preferred service in the Alexa app.

Tidal App Now Lets You Controls Sonos
If you have a Sonos sound system in your home and use Tidal has your preferred music streaming service, rejoice, because you will now be able to control your music system from within the Tidal app. The music streaming service has updated its app with the ability to control Sonos hardware. This means that users will be able to control their sound system without having to switch between multiple apps.

Sonos Promises Spotify & Alexa Voice Commands By December 21
Earlier last month Sonos announced their new Sonos One speaker that comes with support for Alexa. Given how widespread we’re seeing Alexa get these days, it hardly comes as a surprise, although unfortunately Alexa’s integration with Spotify isn’t quite there yet as there is some functionality missing.

Sonos One Smart Speaker With Alexa Launched
Sonos is jumping on the smart speaker bandwagon. However, instead of developing its own smart assistant from scratch, the company has developed a smart speaker that is capable of running existing smart assistants. The Sonos One speaker has been officially launched today. It will launch with support for Amazon Alexa on October 24th. Support for Google Assistant will arrive later.

Sonos Smart Speaker Will Be Unveiled On October 4th
We recently reported on the possibility that Sonos was developing its very own smart speaker. While the company hasn’t confirmed such a product so far, it has sent out invites to the press for an event on October 4th. It’s reportedly going to launch its first smart speaker at this event.

Sonos Smart Speaker Spotted In FCC Filing
The smart speaker trend appears to have caught on. Many major companies are now working on their own iterations of the product that Amazon can be credited for popularizing. A new FCC filing reveals that Sonos might be working on a smart speaker of its own. One has been spotted at the Federal Communications Commission recently.

Amazon Beats Out Sonos As Leading WiFi Speaker Brand
When you think of Amazon, you might think of a giant online retailer that sells all kinds of things. You might also think of a company that sells ebooks and e-readers such as the Kindle, but not many would associate Amazon as a speaker company. However it seems that perception is slowly starting to change.

Sonos Playbase Speakers Announced For $699
If you’re looking for speakers for your living room, but you’re not really a fan of the standing speaker setup or bookshelf speakers, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the folks at Sonos have officially announced the Playbase. This is the company’s latest speaker offering where as its name suggests, it will sit at the base of your TV.

Sonos PlayBase Soundbar Leaked
It appears that Sonos has been working on a new product that it’s going to release next month. A leaked listing has been spotted on B&H for a product called “Sonos PlayBase.” It’s unlike any existing Sonos product so it appears to be a new creation. While the listing doesn’t really reveal what this device is going to do, from the looks of it, this is a soundbar for TVs. […]

Sonos Wants To Integrate Voice Assistant Services Into Its Speakers
With companies such as Google and Amazon creating speakers with voice assistants built into them, it looks like this is a pie that Sonos wants a slice of. In a slightly redacted letter obtained by The Verge, it revealed what the company’s CEO Patrick Spence told employees after he had assumed the position.