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Dish Reportedly Declines Sony's Offer To Release 'The Interview'
The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack took place a couple of weeks back and it has made waves in international media, partly because of the fact that the FBI has pointed a finger at North Korea for orchestrating the devastating cyberattack. While the DPRK denies this, and has even called for a joint investigation with the U.S., theater chains pulled out when hackers threatened moviegoers with 9/11 style attacks if they went […]

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11-Like Attack On Theaters That Screen 'The Interview'
The hackers that stole all of that data from Sony have followed through on their previous threats, which revolved around data dumps and secret files being leaked online. One can sincerely hope that their latest threat is an empty one. The group has threatened a 9/11-like attack on movie theatres that screen the movie “The Interview,” which is believed to be the reason why Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked in […]

Next Bond Film SPECTRE's Script Leaked By Hackers
It was a couple of weeks back when we first heard about the hack at Sony Pictures Entertainment. At that point it was reported that a lot of sensitive data had been stolen during the cyberattack. Subsequent leaks have shown that the assumption was correct to say the least. Email conversations between top executives, passwords, unreleased movies and a lot more became public as hackers continued leaking data. It is […]

Netflix's Overseas VPN Users Irk Sony Pictures
Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming services in the world with a vast library of content that includes movies, TV shows, documentaries and much more. It was one of the first services of its kind to start streaming content in 4K resolution. Netflix is only available in a handful of markets but that hasn’t stopped people in unsupported countries from using a VPN to access the […]


North Korea Denies Hacking Sony Pictures
We have been following up on the Sony Pictures hack from the day it was first reported. Computer systems at Sony Pictures were compromised last week and sensitive data was stolen. Four unreleased movies were stolen as well which were then leaked online through torrents. Naturally it has all been quite embarrassing for the company which at one point was even investigating links of the hack with North Korea. The DPRK […]

North Korea Not Denying Involvement In Sony Pictures Hack
Last week Sony Pictures became the victim of a cyberattack. Top secret files of the company were compromised and some were even leaked online. Hackers also obtained copies of unreleased movies which quickly spread online through torrent sites. Sony Pictures began investigating a possible link of the hack with North Korea. When asked about the matter, while not confirming anything, North Korea is also no denying any involvement with the […]

North Korean Footprints Reportedly Discovered In Sony Pictures Hack
When employees walked into Sony Pictures last week they were greeted with the image posted above on their computer screens. The company had been hit by a major cyberattack in which not only were unreleased movies stolen, but top secret documents were believed to have been compromised as well. While there were reports that the hackers might have received help from inside, a possible link with North Korea was also […]

Sony Movies Leaked Online Following Massive Hack
Last week we reported about a massive hack at Sony Pictures by a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace. The hackers had posted their demands and threatened to release stolen data from the company’s computer systems, and they’ve followed up on those threats. DVD screener copies of some new Sony movies have been leaked online. The hackers are also believed to be in possession of sensitive corporate information.

Sony Pictures Investigating Hack's Connection With North Korea
We reported last week that Sony Pictures had been hit with a massive cyberattack which left its computer systems compromised and might even have resulted in some data being stolen. The hackers had posted their demands as well one of which was “equality,” which implied that perhaps there was inside help involved. Sony Pictures is now reportedly investigating possible links of that attack with North Korea.