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Sony Hack Reveals Plan For Movies Based On Nintendo Franchises
You might recall that last year Sony was hacked and a bunch of information was stolen. Recently all that stolen data was put on WikiLeaks in which users could search for it, and amongst the emails that were leaked was an interesting bit which hinted at Sony Pictures’ plan to create movies based on Nintendo franchises.According to the folks at ArsTechnica, this was evidenced in the emails sent back and […]

Sony Wants Uncharted Movie To Be More Intense Than National Treasure
Information gathered from the emails and documents leaked during the Sony hack reveal that the studio wants the Uncharted movie to be more “intense” than the National Treasure franchise, but not as “silly.” The studio also wants to have a deeper romantic storyline than the Nicholas Cage starring franchise. Leaked information also reveals that Mark Wahlberg is no longer in the running to play Nathan Drake.

You Can Search Data Leaked In Sony Pictures Hack On WikiLeaks
Late last year Sony Pictures Entertainment was hit with a devastating cyberattack. A group calling itself Guardians of Peace leaked data stolen from the company’s servers, this included emails from top executives, Hollywood hotshots and even personal and private information of the company’s current and former employees. You can now search through that leaked data on WikiLeaks.

Sony Hackers Reportedly Used A Zero Day Vulnerability
Anybody who followed the Sony Pictures hack knows that the company’s computer systems were crippled after the hackers had their way. Even email and landlines were knocked down, Sony had to go back to old BlackBerry devices just to get communications up and running again. There has been a lot of speculation about the methods and the culprits behind this massive cyberattack. A new report published today claims that hackers […]


NSA Had Its Eye On Sony Hackers Long Before They Struck
Towards the end of last year one of the biggest stories that made international headlines was the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack. The U.S. government was quick to point its finger towards North Korea for the cyberattack even though the supremely isolated country denied the allegation repeatedly. Many questioned just how the FBI had reached this conclusion, with some security experts saying that it may have been a total inside job, […]

FBI Director Sheds Light On North Korea's Role In Sony Hack
It wasn’t long after the FBI started investigating the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack that it reached the conclusion that this was orchestrated by North Korea. This allegation was denied by the reclusive country but the FBI stuck to its guns even when many cybersecurity professionals started questioning just how the FBI had reached this conclusion. Now, as we reported earlier today, FBI director James Comey has provided more details about […]

FBI Director Will Explain Why North Korea Was Named In Sony Hack
The Sony Pictures Entertainment hack made international headlines. Computer systems at the studio were taken down, an unimaginable amount of data stolen, and day to day operations of the studio badly affected. SPE had to dig out old BlackBerrys just to get up and running again. FBI named North Korea as the culprit behind this attack, the allegation was denied by DPRK, with some cybersecurity firms believing that the hack may have been […]

Sony Went Back To Old BlackBerry Devices After Hack
Earlier this month Sony was hit with a major cyberattack which took down the company’s computer network, crippling the day to day operations as even the company email had stopped working. In the aftermath Sony not only had to run the business, it had to do damage control and work hard to get the systems running again. Sony busted out its old BlackBerry handsets just to get things rolling again.

Hackers Who Took Down Sony Now After A News Organization
The hacker group which claimed responsibility for the Sony cyberattack calls itself Guardians of Peace, and it appears the group isn’t quite done yet with companies on U.S. soil. According to an FBI bulletin the hackers have now threatened to attack an American news organization. A Joint Intelligence Bulletin of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security states that threats of similar attacks “may extend to such organizations in […]

U.S. Officials Believe North Korea Contracted Foreign Hackers For Sony Job
The Sony job was made public a couple of week ago when the world found out that computer systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment were knocked down by a major cyberattack. Then followed a major controversy regarding a movie called “The Interview,” but now that the movie is out anyway, the focus has shifted towards finding out what really happened. FBI has already named North Korea as the culprit, and a […]

Sony's 'The Interview' Is A Hit With Torrent Users
We’ve covered the Sony Pictures hack from day one, how computer systems at the studio were taken over and sensitive data was stolen and leaked online, resulting in SPE pulling the release of its controversial movie “The Interview.” When all was said and done Sony decided to release the movie online yesterday through multiple channels, limited to folks in the U.S.,” but that hasn’t stopped the vibrant and massive torrent […]

Sony Releases 'The Interview' Online
After taking a lot of criticism for its decision to pull the release of its controversial movie “The Interview,” Sony has now made what many are calling the right decision. The company has just announced that it will release this movie online starting today and tomorrow, the original release date for The Interview, many independent cinemas across the U.S. will also screen this movie.

Apple Reportedly Declined To Release 'The Interview' On iTunes
“The Interview” is a movie by Sony Pictures Entertainment that has made international headlines. It is the reason why SPE was hit with a devastating cyberattack that resulted in a lot of secret data being leaked online, apart from unreleased movies. Moviegoers were also threatened by hackers with 9/11 style attacks which caused major theater chains to cancel screenings. Sony has been looking at alternatives to get the movie out, […]

'The Interview' Screenings Confirmed For Christmas Day
Didn’t like Sony’s decision to pull the theatrical release of The Interview originally scheduled for Christmas Day? Well you just might be able to catch a show. Some of the major theater chains have decided not to screen Sony’s controversial movie, the movie is the reason why this studio was hit with a brutal cyberattack, but it has just been confirmed that Sony has allowed some The Interview screenings.