Best Buy offers PlayStation 3D Display, throws in cheap PS3 to boot

I would suppose that there is a very good reason for calling Best Buy what it is, considering how the retailer has put up the PlayStation 3D Display on sale from last week onwards, and will keep that offer company with a spanking new promotion. What are we talking about? Well, as long as there is enough stock to go around in their stores, those who decide to pick up […]

PS Vita will almost certainly be the NGP’s new name

Sony’s official PlayStation press conference happens later today and it’s going to be a heck of a show, with more concrete info on the NGP expected to be announced and a heavy dose of PS3 gaming to soothe burned PlayStation Network gamers.Over the last week or so, we’ve been hearing a lot of news regarding the NGP’s new name “PS Vita” – with Vita meaning “life” in Latin. Now, there’s […]

Two weeks later, PlayStation Network is still down

We really don’t need to repeat it again, but for those who don’t know: PlayStation Network is still down. Some two weeks later and gamers around the world still see the error code you see in the photo above when firing up the PSN. It was believed service would be restored today for PSN, but after an attack on Sony Online Entertainment, it’s uncertain when PSN will actually return. These attacks […]

Sony reflects back on 8 years of augmented reality, excited for NGP

Think the Nintendo 3DS’s cute AR card games is the first video game system to take advantage of augmented reality? Better think again. Sony made a video reminding everyone that it’s the pioneer of augmented reality games, starting back in 2003 with the PlayStation 2’s EyeToy. Since then, Sony’s evolved the EyeToy into the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3, expanded its usage with the PlayStation Move and even built […]


NGP component shortage could delay global launch

We’ve got some bad news for Sony NGP fans. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony may delay the launch of the NGP due to a component shortage caused by the Japanese earthquake last month. Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says instead of seeing a worldwide launch later this year in Asia, Europe and the US, it may see release in only one region (we’re guessing Japan). At first glance, the delay might […]

PlayStation to save to the cloud

Sony has just informed their developers that the PlayStation 3 will have a new feature – the ability to save games on the cloud. If you’re unfamiliar with the cloud, think of online services like Gmail or Hotmail – they store your emails on their servers so you can pretty much access them from anywhere, any computer with an internet connection as opposed to an Outlook email account you set […]

Sony PlayStation Turned Into A Homemade Tattoo Gun

Trying to figure out a good reason to take a child’s old-but-still-addictive Sony PlayStation away from him? How about the fact that it could be used as a homemade tattoo gun? While the process isn’t that straightforward, it seems that someone from the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in West Sussex had been using the internal motor of the PlayStation console, along with part of its external casing to power […]