PlayStation 3 Online Saving

Sony has just informed their developers that the PlayStation 3 will have a new feature – the ability to save games on the cloud. If you’re unfamiliar with the cloud, think of online services like Gmail or Hotmail – they store your emails on their servers so you can pretty much access them from anywhere, any computer with an internet connection as opposed to an Outlook email account you set up on your PC at home that can’t be accessed anywhere else. With Sony introducing cloud saving (they’ve named it Online Saving) to the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to save your games and access them from anywhere. Want to share the latest level you’re on at your friend’s house? Sure – just log on using your account and load up your save game from there. No more lugging around your PS3 just to prove to your friends you made it to Level X without losing any life. But as usual, with all added services, there are bound to be additional costs – this cloud service will only be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers – hopefully Sony will decide to let everyone make use of it. So, if you are a Plus subscriber, expect to get Online Saving with the upcoming 3.60 firmware update.

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