We’ve got some bad news for Sony NGP fans. According to a Bloomberg report, Sony may delay the launch of the NGP due to a component shortage caused by the Japanese earthquake last month. Sony Computer Entertainment of America president Jack Tretton says instead of seeing a worldwide launch later this year in Asia, Europe and the US, it may see release in only one region (we’re guessing Japan). At first glance, the delay might seem like a punch in the face for diehard PlayStation fans, but it might not be that bad. Tretton says that the delay could give developers more time to polish their games for launch – a welcome addition if the lack of must-have games for Nintendo’s 3DS launch was any indication. While Sony didn’t specify what components the Japanse earthquake has shorted, it’s a good guess that production of the NGP’s gorgeous 5-inch OLED display is at stake. Likewise, it’s been floating around that Apple is paying premiums to secure LCD panels for its iPad 2, so displays are hard to come by. If true, Sony’s going to be facing stiff competition in the run-up to the holidays from the Nintendo 3DS – ceding pretty much the entire year to Nintendo. Well, there’s always the Xperia Play to get your new PlayStation fix…

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