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Splashtop Remote Desktop App Adds Configurable Shortcuts, Virtual Gamepad
Splashtop has been pretty quiet these last couple of months as the last time we heard from them was in regards to their Splashtop XDisplay, which turns your iPad into an additional screen for your computer. The cone of silence has been removed from the head of Splashtop as they’re announcing today a pretty neat update to its app.Yes – we know Splashtop allows you to remotely connect to your […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 arrives at the Windows Store
Have you heard about Splashtop before? It is touted to be the easiest and fastest way to access your Windows-based PC or Mac remotely with Windows 8 as the operating system of choice. It is said that Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 has now arrived at the Windows Store for those who are interested, where it comes in the form of a consumer preview version. It is said that […]

Splashtop for iPad now supports Windows 8
Splashtop has just announced that its iPad app supports Windows 8 gestures and touch controls. Now that the Windows 8 consumer preview is out, enthusiast users and developers can get a feel for what Windows 8 tablets will behave like, from an iPad.If you are not familiar with Splashtop for iPad, it is basically a Windows “remote control” application that lets one pilot a Windows computer from an iPad. Until […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD optimized for Tegra 3
If you’re planning to pick up a Tegra 3-powered tablet (i.e. the ASUS Transformer Prime) in the future, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is an app you might want to pick up. Splashtop Inc. announced today that its desktop cross-device computing software, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, has been optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor and is capable of delivering 60+ frames per second andsub-40 millisecond latency. While this doesn’t mean that […]


Splashtop Remote Desktop now available for Kindle Fire
If you like the idea of accessing files on your desktop computer from your tablet, you’re probably familiar with Splashtop Remote Desktop. The app that’s currently available on most tablets out there has one more device to add to its repertoire – Amazon’s hot-selling Kindle Fire tablet. Remote Desktop turns the Kindle Fire into a device that’s capable of more than just consuming content – it basically turns your tablet […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD: best selling TouchPad app
How many people love using their tablets to control their desktop computers? Apparently, quite a number. Splashtop has just announced that it now has over 20,000 users for its recently released Splashtop Remote Desktop HD for the HP TouchPad. The webOS tablet app that allows users to remotely control their computers as well as access content from it is such a hit that it’s the best selling app for the […]

HP releases more TouchPad promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD
Interested in more free apps for your TouchPad tablet? Good news, especially if you’re looking for a way to control your desktop computer using your tablet. HP is now giving away promo codes for Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, an app which lets you do just that. HP had given away codes to the app previously but it was snapped up within a few hours, and now it looks like it […]

Splashtop Remote Desktop, now for Mac
Splashtop Remote Desktop is now available for Mac. If you have not tried it yet, it is a remote-desktop software that allows a Mac computer (there’s a PC version as well) to be controlled remotely by another device (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). There are a number of possible uses for this type of software but a couple of examples come to mind: you could access files and applications that are […]

Play Wii games on your Android tablet
Are you interested in being able to play Nintendo Wii on your Android tablet? We’re not sure why you would want to do that, perhaps for novelty value? Well either way, Obiwan222222 has come up with a way to play your Nintendo Wii from your Android tablet via network streaming.

Splashtop XDisplay turns your iPad into an extra screen for your PC
Wish you had an extra monitor but don’t feel like spending any extra money on getting one? If you have a computer running Windows 7, a WiFi connection and an iPad – you’re in luck. Splashtop Inc. has just announced the release of its Splashtop XDisplay app for iPad that turns your iPad into your second monitor for your desktop or laptop computer.

Splashtop Instant-On OS Now Available for All
If you need quick access to information and don’t want to wait for your computer to go through the boot process, you may want to take a look at the instant-on Splashtop OS, which will be compatible with Windows PC systems and will allow users to boot into the Splashtop environment rather than the Windows environment for small tasks. Previously the OS was only available pre-loaded on a select number […]

(Yahoo) Search becomes a priority in Splashtop
DeviceVM is literally putting search at the forefront of the upcoming version of Splashtop, the quick boot Linux-based OS that is embedded in millions of PCs. In the new home screen, users will find a search box right on the main screen, making the search function one click closer. The update should appear in new computers in September. It is up to each PC maker to decide if existing users […]

Splashtop In Sony Notebooks and Acer Nettops
Youtube running in SplashTopDeviceVM, the company behind the quickboot mini-linux Splashtop, announces two great deals: Splashtop will now be embedded in Sony Notebooks and Acer Nettops (Aspire Revo).On both platforms, Splashtop is oriented towards consumers and does not offer support for Exchange Server, for example (there’s still weboutlook for that). The idea is to keep the core service as small and lean as possible to make it quick to boot. […]