Splashtop Remote DesktopIf you like the idea of accessing files on your desktop computer from your tablet, you’re probably familiar with Splashtop Remote Desktop. The app that’s currently available on most tablets out there has one more device to add to its repertoire – Amazon’s hot-selling Kindle Fire tablet. Remote Desktop turns the Kindle Fire into a device that’s capable of more than just consuming content – it basically turns your tablet into a portable version of your desktop.

Depending on how comfortable you are with working on a 7″ tablet, users will have the ability to access work files and office applications from their desktops wirelessly over a network – great for productivity on the go. Another reason for using Remote Desktop would be the ability to access all your favorite movies and music without having to sync your device. You can even use your computer’s browser to get the full desktop surfing experience (i.e. Flash and all your favorite bookmarks and plugins without using any other app).

Splashtop Remote Desktop is available now from the Amazon Appstore with a price tag of $2.99.

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