Splashtop XDisplay

Wish you had an extra monitor but don’t feel like spending any extra money on getting one? If you have a computer running Windows 7, a WiFi connection and an iPad – you’re in luck. Splashtop Inc. has just announced the release of its Splashtop XDisplay app for iPad that turns your iPad into your second monitor for your desktop or laptop computer.

While it’s not the same as having a gorgeous 32″ monitor to match your primary display, most of the time the 9.7″ of the iPad should be good enough for most people. Now if you’re wondering what the point of having two displays is; there’s so many advantages provided with the use of a second screen. Users can reduce the amount of clutter on their desktops by moving their extra icons, widgets and apps such as instant messengers or Twitter onto the secondary screen, while the primary screen can be used to focus on work/entertainment without any distractions.

Other advantages include the ability to view extra large images or spreadsheets without having to zoom, or scroll all over the place; the second monitor can be used as a presentation device if you choose to use it as a mirror instead, and since your iPad is the second screen, you can use it to watch movies without having to deal with the time-consuming file conversion process.

Splashtop XDisplay on the iPad works by connecting to a PC that is running a free Windows Streamer. It’s that simple. On the iPad, users can even pinch to zoom and use other gestures for interacting with the content on screen. Splashtop XDisplay is available now as a free app which limits users to an unlimited amount of 10-minute sessions. If users want to remove the limit, they will have to make an in-app purchase of $9.99. However, Splashtop is having a promotion right now and is selling the app at $4.99 for a limited time. And yes, it is compatible with both the iPad and the iPad 2. Head over to the Apple Store to download Splashtop XDisplay now.

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