With more online retailers popping up, online payment platforms like Square Cash and PayPal make sense because it lets users make payments without having to dig out their credit/debit card. However given that we live in the physical world, from time to time offline purchases are equally necessary.

So could the physical world be the next area that Square might want to venture into? In a tweet by Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey certainly hints at that possibility, or at least that’s according to a report from Recode who speculates that Dorsey’s tweet of a physical Square Cash debit card could be a sign of things to come.

According to Recode’s Jason Del Rey, he speculates that a physical Square Cash debit card would mean that Square is encouraging users to spend money at brick and mortar stores, which in turn would allow Square to make money from that transaction as well. Since like we said offline purchases are part of our lives as well, it makes sense that Square would want to cash in on both online and offline transactions.

That and the fact that credit/debit card machines have been around for a while now so it would not really require merchants to install new hardware. We’re not sure if this Square Cash debit card will ever be launched, but is that something you think you might be interested in?

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