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DeepMind Might Want To Have A Go At StarCraft
It looks like Google’s AlphaGo (which is a program by DeepMind) has gotten the upper hand for more than once over the Lee Sedol, human world champion in the complex game of Go, and it is rather easy to see why, as the sheer brute force of computing power, accompanied by the fact that computers will not weary nor get tired at all, against a human who has emotions and […]

Blizzard Not Ruling Out StarCraft For Mobile
A recent report revealed that Blizzard has no current plans for virtual reality. Instead the company is thinking that going mobile is their best strategy moving forward, so much so that apparently the idea of some of their franchises making their way onto mobile device has crossed their minds.

StarCraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger Is Pretty Damn Awesome
StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is now live and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it, perhaps you should go ahead and do so. For those wondering why this is such a big deal, basically Legacy of the Void spells the end of the current StarCraft story that has run pretty much from the original game until now.This also means that as far as the future of the […]

Blizzard To “Restore Glory” To Older Titles
Titles from Blizzard such as the original StarCraft, Warcraft 3, and Diablo 2 are considered to be classics in their own right. They are pretty dated but we’re sure that many gamers had a lot of fun playing them back in the day. The good news is that Blizzard seems to be keen on revitalizing those titles.In a job description for a senior software engineer (via Polygon), Blizzard writes, “Evolving operating […]


Blizzard Kills Fanmade HTML5 StarCraft game
Remember last month someone remade StarCraft using HTML5, thus creating a game that was playable within your browser itself? It was a pretty cool project, and we say “was” because that project is no more. It turns out that Blizzard didn’t really appreciate the fanmade project and has since gotten GitHub to take it down.According to a message that the project’s creator Ryuta received, it read, “This repository is a […]

New StarCraft Ladder Will Be Unveiled At BlizzCon 2015
If you think that the ladder system in StarCraft 2 could do with some changing, fixing, or an update, you might be in luck. It would seem that Blizzard will be announcing some changes that they will be making to the ladder system in StarCraft 2, but the bad news is that they will only unveil those changes at BlizzCon 2015 which kicks off next month.This was confirmed by David […]

Someone Managed To Get Blizzard’s StarCraft Playable In The Browser
If there was ever a competitive RTS game, it would be Blizzard’s StarCraft franchise. Despite StarCraft 2 being released, the original StarCraft continued to remain a competitive game and a staple in the RTS circuit for a long time. That being said if you’re wondering what the fuss about the original StarCraft is about, here’s something that might be of interest to you.It seems that a user by the name […]

StarCraft 2 Player Removed From Match Due To Tweet
Words do carry a whole lot of weight, and just because one is on the Internet, this does not mean that one would be able to say anything and everything that he or she likes – there is still an element of responsibility attached to the entire situation. Professional StarCraft 2 player Mihaylo Hayda has been booted from a qualifying match after he tweeted that he will “rape” his female […]

Blizzard Still Has An Eye On StarCraft Ghost
Blizzard, one of the more successful game studios around, still has faith in the StarCraft Ghost concept, calling it “perfectly viable”. At this point in time, I guess you can more or less lump StarCraft Ghost under the same category that Duke Nukem Forever was, where the latter was indefinitely postponed for seemingly forever. StarCraft Ghost has been rumored to be a third-person spin-off, and according to Blizzard producer Alex […]

Korean StarCraft 2 Player Receives Pro-Athlete Visa
Do you know of anyone who, while growing up, had a mind to make a living out of being a pro-athlete? I myself wanted to be a pro-gamer at first, but ended up as a programmer instead, at least for a while. Well, one of the most impressive eSports athletes from South Korea is in the limelight this time around, where he has been granted a US visa. Kim “Violet” […]

Playing StarCraft Improves Cognitive Functions, According To Study
Parents like to tell their kids that things such as too much television, computer, or video games will rot your brain and all that bad stuff. The good news is that if your parents are still on your case about playing too many video games, a recent study has surfaced that you might be able to use against them, although we doubt you’d be able to win anyway. Conducted by […]

Fanmade StarCraft MMO Mod Launches Kickstarter Campaign
Earlier this year a fanmade mod for StarCraft 2 was launched called StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate. It was impressive in a couple of different ways, one of which was how the developers managed to transform an RTS game into an MMO, and secondly the fact that Blizzard sanctioned this project meaning that the developers got the blessings from the company and didn’t have to worry about Blizzard shutting them […]

Game Of Thrones Opening Sequence Recreated In StarCraft II
Someone went through the trouble of recreating the entire opening credits of Game of Thrones in StarCraft II.

Razer Re-releases StarCraft 2 Peripherals
We have seen George Lucas more or less release his Star Wars cash cow for all it is worth – wait a minute, I take that back. Otherwise, he would not have done Episode 1 in 3D. But I digress, does the same tactic work when it comes to computer gaming peripherals? Razer thinks so, having re-released their range of StarCraft 2 peripherals ahead of the the Heart of the […]