We all love the internet as it allows us to do all sorts of things online, from reading internet memes, to catching up with old friends, video calls, funny YouTube videos, movie streaming, email, shopping, etc. The list of things we can do on the internet just seems to endless that there are times when we find it really hard to tear ourselves away from the screen.


Speaking of internet addiction, fans and players of Blizzard’s Starcraft/Starcraft II real time strategy (RTS) game are probably well aware of how huge the game is especially in South Korea. In fact it is such a hit in South Korea that there are dedicated television channels that show live matches between players with full on commentary.

It would not be a stretch to say that these players spend a lot of time online and eat, breathe and live the Starcraft franchise. So much so that there are now clinics is now looking to find a way to cure this online addiction that seems to be plaguing their nation’s youth.

So what do you guys think? Can you safely say that you are not addicted to being online and will be able to stay away from the internet if and when you choose to? And are clinics that are dedicated to curing web addiction really necessary?

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