We believe by 2013, you should know your keyboard exceptionally well. You probably don’t think twice as you’re typing along and most likely don’t look down at your keys throughout the day. But you might want to glance down every so often if you equip your keyboard with this set of comic-book themed keyboard stickers.

The keyboard stickers are sold by Etsy seller Killer Duck Decals and not only places cool-looking comic book stickers on your keyboard’s keys, but each image correlates to the letter it’s being stuck on. For example, the V key has an image of Venom, the B key has the Batman symbol, and L has an image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Leonardo.

The stickers are only available for Mac keyboards as it’ll fit on the 13-inch, 15-inch MacBooks and most Macbook Air keyboards. The stickers also won’t block the backlight feature on the keyboard, which is an added bonus. They’re made of high-quality vinyl and will leave no residue when removed from your keys, for those days when you’re not feeling so comic booky.

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