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This Could Be The Most Advanced Pinball Machine Yet
Almost everyone loved playing pinball games at some point in time. Surprisingly, it is still a thing and companies like Stern Pinball help keep them relevant as a real-world game.Recently, they have come up with a “Stranger Things” themed pinball table packed in with a lot of interesting elements.You might notice a ‘trap’ that halts the ball and it also includes video projections to some extent. You can see it […]

Stranger Things 3 Watched By Over 40 Million Netflix Accounts So Far
Netflix has ever so slowly begun to pull back the curtain on the performance of its original content. The company has always guarded the viewership numbers of its content very closely. Not long after the company revealed that its Murder Mystery movie racked up a record 30.9 million views, it has now revealed that Stranger Things 3 has been viewed by over 40 million accounts so far.

Stranger Things Mobile RPG Being Developed By Netflix
Stranger Things has been a hit for Netflix so it makes sense why the company would want to continue to capitalize on this property. The online streaming giant has confirmed that it’s working on a mobile RPG for Stranger Things. It has teamed up with developer Next Games for this project.

First Trailer For Stranger Things 3 Has Been Released
There are quite a few original shows that Netflix has received a lot of praise for and Stranger Things is one of them. It shot to instant popularity when it first came out and so far, the online streaming giant has released two seasons. A new season is due to come out soon and Netflix has now released the first Stranger Things 3 trailer.


Telltale Developing A Game Based On Netflix's Stranger Things
Telltale has delivered some great episodic games so far, including Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, so it won’t be surprising for many of its fans to hear that it has decided to produce a new series based on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things. Netflix has also confirmed that the Stranger Things project is in the works over at Telltale Games.

Stranger Things Skin Pack For Minecraft Goes Live
Stranger Things quickly joined the list of popular Netflix original series when the first season was launched last year. Netflix has now released the second season and as fans bingewatch the series, they will also be able to get their hands on a Stranger Things skin pack for Minecraft. The Stranger Things skin pack for Minecraft features costumes from the entire cast so if you’re a fan of the series, […]

Stranger Things Season 3 Has Been Confirmed
Fans of this Netflix original will be happy to know that the online video streaming company has confirmed that the series won’t be ending after its second season. Even though Stranger Things season 2 is yet to be released, Netflix has now confirmed Stranger Things season 3. Fans will appreciate that the confirmation for the next season comes two months before the upcoming season is to be released.