Almost everyone loved playing pinball games at some point in time. Surprisingly, it is still a thing and companies like Stern Pinball help keep them relevant as a real-world game.

Recently, they have come up with a “Stranger Things” themed pinball table packed in with a lot of interesting elements.

You might notice a ‘trap’ that halts the ball and it also includes video projections to some extent. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

Yes, it is indeed a flashy entertainment zone. But, you cannot get the same experience on the digital platform.

So, it is definitely a good thing to see companies taking things up a notch with the pinball experience. Not just limited to the ‘Stranger Things’ theme – there are more in production which should include new or unique themes.

We could also end up experiencing new features in the near future.

With all the tricks and features offered in the pinball machine, it can be pretty expensive if you want to get one. The Pro, Premium, and Limited editions will cost you $6099, $7699, and $9099  respectively.

Maybe, you will get to experience it in a public entertainment zone with pinball machines? If not, you might want to save up for this.

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