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How To Stream On Twitch
Twitch is the most popular video streaming platform, catering to the needs of over a hundred million gamers worldwide. The platform basically showcases content related to video game walk-throughs, eSports and gaming convention broadcasts.If you are aspiring to broadcast in-game content on Twitch then there are various applications available which you can use. Some of these include Nvidia GeForce Experience, Radeon ReLive and OBS Studio. This guide gives you a detailed […]

HP Stream Is The $199 Notebook
It was just a couple of days ago when we talked about how hardware specifications of an alleged $199 Chromebook was spotted, but it does look as though this particular 14” HP Chromebook is not going to run on Chrome OS after all. Instead, for $199 a pop, you will find Windows 8.1 as the operating system of choice instead as it hits store shelves later this coming Christmas. At […]

Nintendo 3DS conference to be streamed live
Excited about the Nintendo 3DS conference that’s going to be happening in a couple of weeks at the Tokyo Game Show, but can’t afford the tickets for a flight to Japan? Fret not, because you’ll be able to enjoy it in the comfort of your bedroom (who likes long queues anyway?). Nintendo’s Japanese website has a page that is dedicated to the upcoming conference which announces that it will be […]

Facebook to stream first match of FA Cup live
Soccer fans who don’t have a TV to watch live matches on TV will be glad to know that they have a new outlet to get their fix of the game – Facebook. And no, I’m not talking about some online football game or live score app – Facebook has announced that it will be streaming the first match of the FA Cup live on the social network this Friday […]


Arcam rCube wireless docking station plays music from your Apple devices
The folks over at American Audio and Video have just announced that the rCube portable high-end iPod/iPhone/iPad sound system from Arcam is now on sale at select Magnolia Audio Video outlets in the country. The SVI Trade winner for “best iPod dock”, the rCube is one sweet looking device. In addition to looking good, the device performs as well, delivering hi-fidelity sound that are streaming from Apple devices and computers.What […]

ESPN Live TV streaming app arrives on Android
Fans of ESPN Live TV will be glad to know that they’ll finally be able to enjoy ESPN on the go with their Android devices. ESPN has just announced that subscribers of Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Verizon FiOS TV will be able use the free Android app if they have ESPN’s networks as part of their subscription. What better way to make use of your ThunderBolt’s 4G […]

ShairPort uses exposed Apple AirPort Express private key to stream iTunes music to unsupported devices
A developer has successfully reversed engineered the private key for Apple’s AirPort Express and published  an open source AirPort Express emulator called ShairPort. This means that users can now stream music from their iTunes onto unofficial third party devices that are not supported by Apple. No word on whether hardware manufacturers will be coming up with hardware that supports this decrypted private key to stream music from iTunes, but you […]

Official Vimeo app now on the iPhone
dVimeo, one of the higher-quality video streaming websites online, has just announced a new app for the iPhone, designed especially for Vimeo subscribers (both free and plus). The app will allow users to access all the features and functions of their Vimeo account without having to use their web browser. The app also brings some basic video editing functionality to the iPhone, so that users can shoot videos, edit them […]

Amazon launches Cloud Player
It looks like Amazon has beat Apple and Google to the punch, by launching its cloud-based music player today. Aptly called Cloud Player, the service follows similar offers by smaller companies such as mSpot and AudioBox – by giving folks some storage space in the clouds to upload their music that they can then stream on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for users to store music on their […]

Runner to stream the Tokyo marathon live
If you’ve never taken part in a marathon before and always wondered what it was like to run the race, thanks to technology, you can now do so without breaking sweat. Joseph Tame, a marathon runner, has created a suit, called the iRun, that will allow him to stream the entire run of the Tokyo Maration 2011 live on the internet. The suit which is made from 4 iPhones (one […]

OnLive launches $9.99/month flat-rate video game plan
OnLive has officially launched their “PlayPack” plan that allows users to play as many games as they want for a monthly flat rate. One of the most requested features for the on-demand, instant-play video game service is finally here. OnLive members can subscribe to this PlayPack plan for $9.99 a month to have instant access to a whole library of games that they can play for, as long as they […]

LTE-Advanced is scary fast
The folks over at South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute recently gave a demonstration of the first public instance of LTE-Advanced and boy it sure is fast. A test mobile broadcast system managed to hit 600Mbps – 6 times faster than regular LTE, a speed that easily beats most landline connections at the moment. During the demonstration, they downloaded a 700MB movie in 9.3 seconds – that’s probably faster […]

Veebeam lets you stream digital content to your HDTVs
[CES 2011] Veebeam, a consumer electronics company dedicated to delivering digital content within the home will be showcasing their new Veebeam product today, just before CES officially opens tomorrow. The Veebeam team will be demonstrating Veebeam’s easy and affordable way to stream nearly anything from laptops to TVs. This includes HD movies, internet videos, photos, and even games. Say goodbye to expensive streaming methods that limit what you kind of […]

Stream Your iTunes Music To Android Via HomePipe
If you can’t seem to fit your bulging iTunes library into your Android device, you’ll be happy to hear that HomePipe Networks has announced that the latest version of its Android app allows you to stream your music directly from iTunes to your device over 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The free version of the app is ad-supported, though you can always shell out $2.99 to get rid of them. You’ll […]