Nintendo 3DS conference
Excited about the Nintendo 3DS conference that’s going to be happening in a couple of weeks at the Tokyo Game Show, but can’t afford the tickets for a flight to Japan? Fret not, because you’ll be able to enjoy it in the comfort of your bedroom (who likes long queues anyway?). Nintendo’s Japanese website has a page that is dedicated to the upcoming conference which announces that it will be hosting a live stream of the event which you’ll be able to watch on your computer.

As to what Nintendo will be announcing – the answer is still up in the air. Previously we’ve reported about rumors of a possibly 3D-less 3DS console, and an add-on for the NDS to have a second D-pad, which are likely candidates if the rumors turn out to be true. But most probably we’ll be seeing is a bunch of exciting new 3D titles for the console. After slashing the price of the 3DS, Nintendo would do well to fully support it with more and better titles. After all, the console is less than a year old.

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