LTE-Advanced streaming 3D in a vehicle

The folks over at South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute recently gave a demonstration of the first public instance of LTE-Advanced and boy it sure is fast. A test mobile broadcast system managed to hit 600Mbps – 6 times faster than regular LTE, a speed that easily beats most landline connections at the moment. During the demonstration, they downloaded a 700MB movie in 9.3 seconds – that’s probably faster than the time it takes for you to turn on your computer! Using LTE-Advanced, they could even stream 3D TV while roaming in around in a test vehicle. And the best part is, the technology isn’t even completed yet – it’s still in its early stages and won’t be ready for the public until 2014. After seeing how well it performed in the demo, I wonder how much more they can improve it. I wonder how much carriers will charge for this service when it becomes available to us in the future. At those speeds, it’s going to take you mere minutes to exhaust your data cap every month!

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