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PhD student creates jumping robot that can pick itself up
Jianguo Zhao, a PhD student at Michigan State has developed a robot that can not only jump, but pick itself up after it lands, and even steer itself in order to keep itself headed in the right direction. He has hopes that this robot/technology will eventually find a use in search and rescue, environmental monitoring and surveillance, although it seems that the robot’s inability to jump off uneven terrain is […]

Student hacker penetrated Facebook
Is Facebook really that hack-proof? Apparently, a student hacker was said to have successfully “penetrated” Facebook after performing repeated attempts to illegally access the social networking site’s programmes – at least according to a court heard that was held yesterday. The ruling that comes out from this case will definitely set a precedent since this is one of the first cases of its kind in Britain, where Glenn Steven Mangham, […]

Amazon makes life easier for students with the Student app
Great news for those of you who are students – Amazon has announced the launch of its Amazon Student app that will give iPhone and iPod Touch users a convenient and easy way to shop for textbooks, electronics, apparel, bedding and more. Students can also compare prices, buy textbooks or trade them in for up to 70% back using nothing but their mobile devices.And that’s not the best part – […]

Facebook teachers and student "friending" now illegal, in Missouri
In an effort to prevent student-teacher relationships from developing, the state of Missouri’s governor has just put into effect a law that makes it illegal for teachers to directly communicate with students, regardless of whether they’re still under their tutelage or not. Here’s what the law states:“Teachers cannot establish, maintain or use a work-related website unless it is available to school administrators and the child’s legal custodian, physical custodian or […]


Students and staff in the Owensboro, Kentucky to receive free MacBook Air notebooks
Thanks to a hefty $5 million that was collected for stimulus funding in Owensboro, Kentucky; public schools will be getting 2,200 MacBook Air notebooks for students between grades five and twelve, as well as teachers and staff in those schools. This means a MacBook Air for every student and teacher in the district. The notebooks are meant to help the teachers in teaching, and help the students with learning in […]

Google to announce Chrome OS notebook monthly subscription today?
Remember when we reported about rumors stating that Google will be selling their Chrome notebooks at a $20/month subscription instead of a one-time price? Well, according to a recent report from Forbes, Google will be announcing the $20 subscription for their Chome notebooks today. However there’ll be a catch – the cheap monthly subscription for the notebooks will only be available to students.Making it available to students is a great […]

Tvor, the robotic lantern lights up the dark
A Czechoslovakian design student has designed a robot to help light up dark areas, wherever it is. Called Tvor, “the intelligent lighting creature”, it does its job by constantly looking for dark areas in any space and shining its light in that direction. After a while, it moves on to the next dark spot it finds and shines its light there again. How this is can be useful is beyond […]

Barnes & Noble Introduces Its NOOKstudy Reading Platform
Barnes & Noble has announced its NOOKstudy online reading and study platform for students. The program allows students to manage eBooks and notes all in one place. Since users will be able to access their textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, slides and images etc all from one place, it should make going to college more relaxing and enjoyable as students won’t have to carry those heavy textbooks around. Other useful features […]