Remember when we reported about rumors stating that Google will be selling their Chrome notebooks at a $20/month subscription instead of a one-time price? Well, according to a recent report from Forbes, Google will be announcing the $20 subscription for their Chome notebooks today. However there’ll be a catch – the cheap monthly subscription for the notebooks will only be available to students.

Making it available to students is a great idea – most of them have a limited income, and $20/month isn’t too much to ask for. Plus they’ll never have to upgrade the device by themselves, if anything goes wrong, it will be taken care of. And when students are away on long holidays and have no need for the laptop, they can simply return it – since all their files are in the cloud anyway, when they return next semester they can just get a new one and resume where they left off.

Of course there’s no word if there’ll be a contract, or if users finish paying the full price of the notebook, will they be able to own it without paying. But if the Forbes report is right, we’ll hear an announcement about it soon enough.

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