Is Facebook really that hack-proof? Apparently, a student hacker was said to have successfully “penetrated” Facebook after performing repeated attempts to illegally access the social networking site’s programmes – at least according to a court heard that was held yesterday. The ruling that comes out from this case will definitely set a precedent since this is one of the first cases of its kind in Britain, where Glenn Steven Mangham, 25, made use of “considerable technical expertise” in order to repeatedly bypass security at Facebook.

Facing five charges, where among those include the fact that he “made, adapted, supplied or offered to supply” a computer program that will be able to hack into a Facebook server.

This is a watershed even in its own right, since it is one of the first investigations into attempts that involve illegal access of the site that currently sports over 750 million members worldwide. Mangham himself does not own a Facebook profile, isn’t that ironic?

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