Firefox Aurora/BetaMozilla has announced some news that will make a lot of early adopters of their Firefox web browser happy people. They have announced that future versions of the browser available on the Aurora and Beta channels will be able to work with add-ons. Previously, users who wanted to test out the latest versions of Firefox had to forsake all their favorite add-ons when using a test version of the browser. Only users with the final release of a browser would be able to use add-ons.

This new proposal means that the nightly Firefox builds will be compatible with the vast majority of add-ons available right now. Users will still have to disable the compatibility check to use the add-ons though (something users have been doing to get add-ons working with the latest stable versions of the browser before developers have updated them). Add-ons that are hosted on Mozilla’s website will be automatically tested on the nightly Firefox builds and will be marked as compatible unless a problem is discovered.

The new add-on rules won’t take effect immediately, but it was mentioned that Aurora users won’t be able to make use of the add-ons until the next six-week cycle begins. This is also great news for add-on developers who want to work on their add-ons with test Firefox builds before the stable version of the browser is released. How many of you Firefox Aurora users are excited by this news?

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