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Microsoft Surface Go 2 And Surface Book 3 Announced
If you’re in the market for a new tablet or laptop, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently announced that its Surface Go and Surface Book devices have been refreshed, where the company has officially taken the wraps off both the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3.

LSAT Goes Digital Exclusively With Surface Go Tablets
The LSAT exam for law schools in the United States is making a big transition to a digital formet starting with the July 2019 LSAT test. It has chosen to enter into a broad technology collaboration with Microsoft for this purpose. Thousands of Microsoft Surface Go tablets will be used by aspirants who take the test to clinch a place in law schools across North America. More than 99 percent […]

Microsoft Surface Go LTE Price And Release Date Confirmed
Key details about the Surface Go LTE have been officially confirmed today by Microsoft. The company will be releasing an LTE variant of this tablet in the coming days. This will certainly make the device appeal more to professionals who want to get work done on the go. An integrated LTE feature would allow them to remove connected right on the device itself even when they’re out and about.

Microsoft Surface Go Didn't Get ARM Processors Due To Intel
Microsoft recently launched a watered down version of its Surface device. It’s called the Surface Go and it runs on an Intel Pentium Gold processor and provides a full Windows 10 experience in a smaller form factor. Microsoft apparently considered using an ARM chip for this device but decided against it on Intel’s insistence.


Unannounced 4GB/128GB Surface Go Model Available At Costco
Microsoft announced the Surface Go earlier this month. It’s meant to take on cheaper tablets from the likes of Apple while offering a full Windows 10 experience. Microsoft only announced two configurations of the Surface Go but it appears that there’s an unannounced model as well that’s now available for purchase from Costco.

Microsoft Launches Surface Go Tablet For $399
There were reports that Microsoft could be launching a cheaper Surface tablet in the near future and the teaser that the company published yesterday suggested as much. The company has now announced the launch of its Surface Go tablet and as expected, it’s priced at $399. The idea with this product is to better compete against the iPad and Chromebooks which are popular in this price range.