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‘Surface Phone’ Mentioned By Microsoft Engineer In China
Last October, Microsoft exec Joe Belfiore pretty much confirmed that the company is done with Windows 10 Mobile in terms of developing new software features and also creating new hardware. Based on this, it is safe to say that Microsoft could be done with the Surface Phone as well, a handset that has been rumored but never seen.

Microsoft Surface Phone May Feature Unique Fingerprint Scanner
Rumors suggest that Microsoft is going to phase out the Lumia brand of smartphones and introduce its own Surface-branded phone. We have been hearing about this for a very long time now and while the company is yet to confirm the Surface Phone, a new patent has been discovered which suggests that the Surface Phone might have a unique fingerprint scanner.

Alleged Surface Phone Image Leaked
While we have heard rumors of the Surface Phone specifications leaked just yesterday, it seems that there is even more hype surrounding it one day later. One ought to take this bit of information with a rather healthy dose of salt, however, as it looks like there is a leaked image of the alleged Surface Phone that have, for the want of a better word, surfaced.

Surface Phone Specs Rumored Yet Again
Even though Microsoft has taken some big steps recently to show that it may not be willing to fight in the consumer smartphone market for long, rumors still circulated about the much-awaited Surface Phone. We’ve heard for some time now that the company is going to release a new Windows-powered smartphone under the Surface brand but that has yet to happen. Rumors from China once again point us to possible […]


Windows Phone Market Share Dips Below 1 Percent
This isn’t something that Microsoft is going to be too happy about. Despite repeated attempts to carve out a niche for its mobile operating system, the company continues to lose ground. Even as smartphone sales across the globe increased by almost four percent in the recent quarter, Microsoft saw Windows Phone market share dip below one percent. Lack of new Lumia devices from Microsoft is partly to blame for this […]

Microsoft Reiterates Commitment To Windows 10 Mobile
It’s no secret that Microsoft has already lost a lot of ground in the global smartphone market. The company has been trying to increase sales of its handsets but customers don’t seem to be picking up its handsets in large numbers. There has been some speculation lately about the future of the company’s mobile business and Windows 10 Mobile in particular. Microsoft isn’t giving up on any of it just […]

Surface Phone Rumored For Announcement By April 2017
Ever since Microsoft made their own Surface tablets, many have wondered if the Redmond company would take the opportunity to create their own brand of Surface smartphones. This has been rumored about for a while now and unfortunately it looks like Surface Phone hopefuls will have to wait for at least another year.

Surface Phone Could Sport 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 830 SoC
If the rumors are to be believed, Microsoft is said to be working on a device called the Surface Phone. Ever since the Redmond company acquired Nokia’s mobile division, we have only seen Lumia handsets churned out which means that the Surface Phone could mark a huge shift and a new start for the company’s mobile efforts.

Surface Phone Apparently Spotted In Benchmark Result
Not too long ago Microsoft unveiled two new Lumia flagship handsets that many had been waiting for a long time. The company certainly took its time to launch new flagship handsets and in between we kept hearing rumors that perhaps it would eventually come out with a Surface Phone as well, a brand new handset that carries the Surface branding that already covers Microsoft’s tablets and even its first laptop. It […]