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Microsoft Surface Pro Stylus Performance Issues
Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a beautiful device on its own, but it is not going to break new ground into the duopoly of tablets that are currently being slugged out by Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android operating systems. Having said that, for those of you who have decided to throw your lot behind the Microsoft Surface Pro, you might have realized that the included pressure sensitive stylus does […]

Surface Pro Runs OS X?
Back in the day when Apple and Microsoft were bitter rivals where the desktop operating system was concerned, it was deemed sacrilegious to see Windows running on a Mac machine. In fact, at one point in time, when Windows could boot up officially on Apple machines, many people were still not used to the idea nor sight of it. Having said that, we are now well into the 21st century, […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown
You just got to love the folks over at iFixit as they definitely have done a pretty bang up job all this while in terms of taking a particular device apart, bit by bit. Or at least, they do try their level best to, resulting in interesting statistics and ratings such as a “repairability” score. Well, their latest “victim” to be wheeled onto their workbench would be the Microsoft Surface […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Retail Availability Update
Here is a quick update on the retail availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro in North America, where they mentioned, “We know some retail and online locations have been low or out of stock of Surface Pro and we’re working to address this. Here is what we are doing and what you can expect.” Folks living in the US will be able to pick up (hopefully) additional units of the […]


Android Emulator BlueStacks Delivers 750,000 Android Apps To Windows
Those who have looked at Windows 8 in general and at the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet in particular may find that there are not as many apps built for the tablet format as one may desire. Since the Windows SDK is rather very good, we think that this is only a matter of time before the number of quality apps is high enough, but in the meantime, what about running […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Ad Has Us Wishing For More Breakdancing Meetings
It seems Google wasn’t the only tech giant to debut a new commercial during last night’s Grammys as Microsoft took the opportunity to debut a new commercial for their recently released Surface Pro.Even though the Surface Pro reportedly doesn’t have the greatest storage or battery, Microsoft’s newest commercial offers a lot of energy as I could only hope any meeting I attend from now on be as lively as the […]

Surface Pro Photoshop Support: Status Update
Since we published our Microsoft Surface Pro Review (read it here), many people asked if Photoshop did work with the pressure-sensitive stylus. First of all, let’s shed some context: the Microsoft Surface Pro and its stylus are capable of recognizing the pen’s pressure. I’ve been able to see that for myself by using software like OneNote 2003, and the pressure sensitivity works great (more pressure = thicker line). That’s true […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Is Sold Out
Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out - on its launch day, customers have picked up all surface pro tablets from Microsoft, online and offline. Of course, the question is: how many were produced.

Microsoft Surface Pro Launch Event In New York City Cancelled
For those of you who have been looking forward to the planned Microsoft Surface Pro (read our Surface Pro review) launch event tomorrow in New York City by Microsoft, we regret to inform you that the software giant has canceled the event because of an incoming snowstorm which has been forecast to deliver up to a foot of snow in the Big Apple. Originally, the event was scheduled to be […]

Microsoft Hints At Surface Pro Battery Improvement Through Accessory Spine
Microsoft took to Reddit’s community yesterday to conduct an AMA where they spoke to members of the site in order to answer questions regarding its Surface Pro. During that time, they addressed the Surface Pro’s storage as well as its battery life, but they also may have hinted at plans to improve one of those two issues.The Reddit AMA session was conducted by Microsoft’s Surface boss Panos Panay, and while […]

Microsoft Addresseses Surface Pro Storage, Battery Life In Reddit AMA
Our Microsoft Surface Pro review was published yesterday, but two topics that seem to be on everyone’s mind in regards to the Windows 8 tablet is its available disk space and its battery life. Seeing how these two categories are important to any potential tablet customer, Microsoft took to Reddit a few hours ago to answer questions from its community, which of course mentioned these two hot topics.In regards to the […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Review
The Surface Pro is out and our complete review is ready. Like it or not, the Surface Pro is one of the most anticipated tablet of this first quarter of 2013 and it’s easy to understand why: it is the reference tablet that is supposed to prove that a full Windows 8 Pro tablet is functional and viable and it is Microsoft’s way to set the bar for the rest […]

Windows 8 Tablets Wanted By 32 Percent of Global IT Workers [Report]
If you ask your friends and family what kind of tablet they would like for a present, it’s safe to say they’d mention the iPad based on how well they’ve been selling over the years. But if you were to ask information workers what kind of tablet they’d like, you might receive a different answer altogether.According to a survey conducted by global research and advisory firm Forrester, 32 percent of […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Appears On Best Buy
So we do know that the Microsoft Surface Pro is supposed to be launched on February 8th at a Best Buy in Union Square in New York, but it seems that the high end tablet has already appeared over on Best Buy. I know that it is “better late than never”, but here, isn’t it best to be early? So far, Best Buy has listed a couple of models for […]