Microsoft Surface Pro Price Cut By $100

Last month rumors were circulating that Microsoft would be slashing the prices of its Surface RT tablets. Indeed it did, a couple of weeks ago the company announced that Surface RT prices were being cut by as much as 30 percent all around the globe. At that time there was no indication that the Surface Pro tablet would also see a price cut. The Verge now reports that Microsoft has […]

Microsoft Surface Pro With 256GB Goes On Sale In U.S.

The 256GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro is now available for purchase in the U.S.

Microsoft Surface Tablets To Be Available From New Authorized Resellers

Microsoft announced that Surface RT and Surface Pro tables will now be available at new authorized resellers in the U.S. The company will also be authorizing new resellers in other countries over the next few months.

Microsoft Surface RT And Surface Pro Firmware Update Arrives

The Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets have just received another firmware update.


Microsoft Surface Pro Debuts In Japan With 256GB HD, New Covers

Microsoft unveiled a 256GB version of its Surface Pro as well as exclusive covers in Japan.

Microsoft Surface RT / Pro Receive Wi-Fi Related Updates

The Microsoft Surface has had a rough start as it’s still pretty difficult for people who want a tablet to actually get their hands on one, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from rolling out regular updates to both the Surface RT and Surface Pro.A new update rolled out today almost squarely focuses on both devices’ Wi-Fi connections, with a large amount of Wi-Fi-related fixes aimed at the Surface RT. Here […]

Microsoft Releases New Software Update For Surface Tablets

Microsoft has released a new firmware update for its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. The updates come as part of Patch Tuesday, a tradition that started with Windows 98, it is the second Tuesday of each month on which Microsoft regularly releases software updates. The latest update resolves a number of issues, including one related to the Wi-Fi driver on Surface tablets.In the past few months, Surface RT users […]

Microsoft Under Fire In China Over Surface Pro Warranty

A while back we reported that some customers in China had taken offense at Apple’s warranty policy after the Chinese media revealed that Chinese consumers were not receiving the same treatment as their American counterparts. Apple has since apologized, although it looks like Microsoft is now under fire for doing the same thing with its Surface Pro tablet. According to Bloomberg, they reporting that the China National Radio has highlighted […]

Microsoft Reportedly Sold 1.5 Million Surface Tablets To Date

While Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets are certainly pretty devices with a ton of potential, there were several flaws to either device, price being one of them and battery life being the other. That being said Microsoft has been pretty quiet on how many Surface tablets they have sold to date, but thanks to inside sources (via Bloomberg), those numbers have been revealed. According to the source, a […]

Surface Pro Clone Caught At CeBIT

[CeBIT 2013] The Microsoft Surface Pro has been available for nearly a month in the U.S. and has steadily been making itself available again through Microsoft’s brick & mortar and online stores. Microsoft announced today the Surface Pro is heading to Germany during this year’s CeBIT, but it looks like clones of the company’s popular tablet has made its way to the show.The Surface Pro clone looks an awful lot like […]

iFixit Deems Microsoft Surface Pro Least Repairable Tablet

iFixit has been taking apart tech-related products for years to educate us of their sweet, sweet innards, and today, they’ve released their Tablet Repairability list which scores a number of tablets based on their ease of repair.According to their engineers, who have disassembled and analyzed each tablet on their list, the Dell XPS 10 receives a score of 9 out of 10 in its repairability due to the tablet being […]

Surface RT And Surface Pro To Expand Their Territories

Microsoft has just announced a piece of good news for those of you living in areas where you have yet to catch a glimpse of the Surface RT or the Surface Pro tablets – by saying that from late March onwards, the big marketing machine at Microsoft will be rolling into new markets, hoping to expand the availability of the Surface tablets across the board. Other than current areas where […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Available Again For Sale In Limited Supply

The Microsoft Surface Pro was officially released on February 9, to which it immediately sold out. It’s been two weeks since the Surface Pro sold out, but it looks as though Microsoft has finally supplied additional units to its stores, both online and brick & mortar.Both the 64GB and 128GB versions were reported as being available for sale yesterday, although Microsoft’s online store is currently showing the 128GB version of the Surface […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Stylus Performance Issues

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a beautiful device on its own, but it is not going to break new ground into the duopoly of tablets that are currently being slugged out by Apple’s iOS as well as Google’s Android operating systems. Having said that, for those of you who have decided to throw your lot behind the Microsoft Surface Pro, you might have realized that the included pressure sensitive stylus does […]