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Samsung And Swarovski Team Up For A Limited Edition Galaxy S8+
Merely days after launching the Galaxy S8 in a new Burgundy Red color option, Samsung today announced that it has teamed up with Swarovski to launch a limited edition model of the Galaxy S8+. It’s called the Galaxy S8+ SMARTgirl Limited Edition. There’s nothing really different about this device, it appears to be another way for Samsung to sell its Pink Rose Galaxy S8+ to the ladies.

Swarovski Android Wear Smartwatch Delayed Indefinitely
Swarovski hasn’t really come out with its own smartwatch as yet even though it has teamed up with Samsung to bling out some of its wearable devices. However, the company did say some time back that it was working on its own smartwatch powered by Android Wear. However, according to a new report, it appears that the Swarovski Android Wear smartwatch has been delayed indefinitely.

Swarovski Smartwatch Launch Confirmed For Baselworld 2017
It seems like everyone is getting into the smartwatch game. On one hand, you have the big tech companies like Apple and Samsung. They’re making and selling smartwatches while on the other hand, you have everyone from fashion labels to pop stars trying to make it in this market as well. Crystal jewelry company Swarovski is getting in the game with its own Android Wear smartwatch which will be unveiled […]

LG And Swarovski Delivers Ultimate Premium OLED TV
When it comes to living in large, there are many different ways to do so. Some of us happen to have a whole lot more money than others to “throw around”, if you will, and even the high end stuff that one purchases ends up looking rather “ordinary”. Surely there must be more than what is available in the market to satiate your appetite? Apparently so, as South Korean consumer […]


Swarovski Light Wall is a sight to behold
I am quite sure that the most of you out there have heard of Swarovski before, where the company churns out desirable costume jewelery that while are not exactly cheap, at least they are far more affordable compared to diamonds. This time around, Swarovski has tapped into its designers’ minds to come up with their most recent architectural material — the Honeycomb. Nothing to do with Google’s Android operating system […]

Harrods blings up Samsung Galaxy Tab
Some folks already think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is too pricey for what it offers, but Harrods decides to spice things up a bit with a custom Samsung Galaxy Tab that comes clad in 5700 Swarovski “crystals” which are already included into the final price point. It seems that these “crystals” are actually thousands of high-lead glass fragments that were painstakingly glued on by hand, and carefully placed around […]

Gigabyte Swarovski Wireless Laser Mouse
Gigabyte has released its Swarovski wireless laser mouse known as GM-M7800S, where it will come equipped with 800/1600 DPI accuracy. This leather-clad mouse will feature an LED that indicates connectivity alongside a change in DPI. As for the button and wheel, they’re plated in 18 karat gold. You get a small micro-sized RF dongle that hangs out from its housing in the mouse whenever it doesn’t reside in a free […]

Swarovski Lips Microphones
Xbox 360 owners who can’t wait for the Lips game which will roll out at the end of this year can prepare themselves to live the diva lifestyle with Swarovski crystal studded Lips microphones. Who else better than Crystal Roc to offer this expensive gaming peripheral, as they already have the expertise in offering crystal-studded musical instruments to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Leona Lewis. Over […]