I am quite sure that the most of you out there have heard of Swarovski before, where the company churns out desirable costume jewelery that while are not exactly cheap, at least they are far more affordable compared to diamonds. This time around, Swarovski has tapped into its designers’ minds to come up with their most recent architectural material — the Honeycomb. Nothing to do with Google’s Android operating system whatsoever, the “architectural element” of the Honeycomb merges lightweight cell cores that are made out of polycarbonate with crystals, LED, and fiber-optic lights which delivers a lattice light effect. Whenever light hits the cut crystal, one will be treated to an entire range of spectral colors. This unique visual effect also enables architects and designers to dream up customized walls and ceilings. I believe that we will see more and more of other future buildings, hotels mostly, feature such a Light Wall. Heck, nightclubs might also take this design route for added variety and a change from all those strobing lights.


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