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Sweden 3G coverage is tops
Are you sick and tired of your smartphone dropping 3G signals from time to time? Well, do you blame your mobile carrier or your handset? Folks living in Sweden need not fret about dropped signals though – it seems that 99.6% of the country’s population is capable of accessing 3G wireless broadband coverage, at least that is what a report by the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS) claims.Sweden is […]

15 year old teen in Sweden on trial for downloading movies via torrents
Downloading movies via torrents is illegal and pretty much everybody knows that, although if it’s “just” for personal use, perhaps a warning or some kind of incremental sanction might be enough to send the message, right? Turns out a teacher in Sweden decided to go all out and reported a student for illegally downloading movies via torrents, which has resulted in the 15-year old teenager possibly seeing jail time of […]

Nokia N9 arrives in 49 days
The Nokia N9 is being released in 49 days. Yes, it’s true. And if you’re wondering how I found out, a quick visit to the Nokia N9 Swedish website will tell you. In fact, at the time of writing, we have 49 days, 5 hours, 44 minutes and 25 seconds left until the release of the Nokia N9, Nokia’s first (and last) commercially available MeeGo phone (the N950 is a […]

15-year old boy in trouble for file sharing
When most of you were 15-year old kids, the last thing on your mind would probably be spending time in a courtroom for breaking the law because you were caught downloading movies. Well, that’s what a 15-year old boy from Gothenburg, Sweden is going through right now. It was reported that the boy is currently facing charges from “international movie companies” (most likely the MPAA) for illegally downloading and sharing […]


Wheelchair that uses a laser scanner to "see"
The folks over at Sweden’s Lulea University of Technology have developed an electric wheelchair that can “see” for its user. Designed for visually impaired passengers, the wheelchair uses a laser scanner to generate a 3D map of the wheelchair’s surroundings. With this map, it acts like a virtual cane, alerting the driver about any obstacles such as people or open doors, through haptic feedback with the wheelchair’s steering joystick.These seeing […]

Swedish postal service looks to SMS instead of stamps
Sweden, the land that brought you the safest cars around as well as flat packed furniture, might soon pave the way for the future of postal service – the country’s postal service is mulling over the possibility of letting customers pay for postage using text messages instead of old school stamps. This messaging system will respond with a coded number, where it can be written on a letter as proof […]

NFC Phones Replace Hotel Room Keys In Sweden
NFC technology is definitely useful and we still have dreams of a NFC-supporting iPhone sometime in the future. Now the Clarion Hotel over in Stockholm is running a pilot program, allowing visitors to check in and collect their room key without having to talk to the receptionist. All you’ll need is an NFC-supporting phone, and you’ll be able to download the relevant information into phone and check yourself in. The […]

Sweden might offer Samsung Galaxy Tab for nothing
When you mention Sweden, what comes into your mind? Volvo (although the company is now owned by the Chinese) and Ikea should probably be two of the more common names that most people would mention. Well, perhaps you might want to add the Samsung Galaxy Tab to part of your thought process now since Swedish carrier Telenor decided to offer said tablet for free, as long as you shackle yourself […]

TeliaSonera rolls out LTE in Sweden, averages 85Mbps download speeds
The recent Newsweek article on the best places to live in the world have once again listed Scandinavian countries in the upper percentile of its list – a consistent feature over the years, it seems, and for good reason too. After all, how many of you would love to enjoy an average download speed of 85Mbps? Upload speeds ain’t too bad either, maxing out at around 30Mbps. Makes you wanna […]