The Pirate BayWhen most of you were 15-year old kids, the last thing on your mind would probably be spending time in a courtroom for breaking the law because you were caught downloading movies. Well, that’s what a 15-year old boy from Gothenburg, Sweden is going through right now. It was reported that the boy is currently facing charges from “international movie companies” (most likely the MPAA) for illegally downloading and sharing 30 movies online.

While Sweden has been known to be pretty lenient with piracy in the past, the recent downfall of The Pirate Bay and the increased pressure of the movie and music industry have changed things. The teenager will probably be only picking up a fine for his crime (he’s too young for prison) but is this the right way to deal with the situation? Chances are the kid didn’t know it was even wrong to download movies after all I’m sure your own parents didn’t tell you these sorts of things when you were at that age.

If the lawsuit is successful, I guess it will show everybody that the industry is serious about the crackdown on piracy. It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are: they’re going to get you.

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