Downloading movies via torrents is illegal and pretty much everybody knows that, although if it’s “just” for personal use, perhaps a warning or some kind of incremental sanction might be enough to send the message, right? Turns out a teacher in Sweden decided to go all out and reported a student for illegally downloading movies via torrents, which has resulted in the 15-year old teenager possibly seeing jail time of two years.

It started when a virus was spotted on the school’s network which seemed to have originated from a student’s computer. IT staff then traced the virus back to the student and upon closer inspection discovered that the student had 24 movies stored on his hard drive, which he had obtained from Swedish torrent websites.

The matter was reported to the school’s head teacher who opted to call in the police. All this took  place in March this year, and fast forward to today, the teen is now on trial over the allegations.

If found guilty, the punishment ranges from fines to up to two years in jail. What do you guys think? Is two years of jail time and possibly ruining his future worth 24 pirated movie downloads? Ironically, people usually get into less troubles for harassment.

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