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Leap Motion Has Big Plans For Gesture-Based Computer Interaction
For those who have attended South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) at Texas, if you happened to chance upon the Leap Motion team, you would have more or less been given the opportunity to give the upcoming gesture-based controller a go. Those who have tried it have definitely walked away with nothing but bouquets, after all, it was a chance to experience the technology for themselves and use it with existing […]

YouTube Co-Founder Teases Launch Of New Video Service
When Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion a little over six years ago, the company knew it was a service they absolutely needed in their suite of products. That’s why when you hear one of the original co-founders of YouTube may be developing a new video service for the Web, people tend to take notice.YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley made his way to SXSW this week to say he’s about a […]

Roku shows off streaming stick at SXSW
If you’re keen on finding out what Roku has up its sleeves, it looks like the company is planning to make its set top boxes smaller and easier to use. At SXSW, Roku’s product chief, Tom Markworth, showed off the Roku “streaming stick” – a small device which just plugs into MHL ports (HDMI ports that carry power) of your TV. No power cables, Ethernet cables or HDMI cables required. […]

Homeless Hotspots program at SXSW causes an uproar
At the South by Southwest festival in Austin this year, the Bartle Bogle Hegarty marketing firm is holding a strange and highly controversial social experiments. Called Homeless Hotspots, it consists of equipping a number of homeless people with portable WiFi hotspots to hang around the streets of Austin. Anybody who would like to access the internet through these human hotspots can donate any amount of money they want, which will […]


Google denies rumors about launching Circles at SXSW
After not doing too well in the whole social network scene with Google Buzz, new rumors surfaced saying that the search engine giant might give it another go. Google has been rumored to launch a new social network that is supposedly more private than Facebook. The social network, rumored to be called Circles, will allow users to selectively share content with people who are in different circles of their lives. […]

Final IE9 Launches at SxSW
Microsoft has made it official that (the final release of) Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will launch on Monday March 14th at SxSW* in Austin, TX. Internet Explorer 9 is currently in beta and is largely seen as Microsoft’s commitment to HTML5 and web performance in general. The graphics performance is particularly interesting as IE9 supports graphics hardware acceleration.After the launch, the next big thing for Microsoft is MIX 11, a […]

Loopt Revamped iPhone App with Pulse Feature
[SXSW] At SXSW, I met with Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO, of Loopt, a location-based social networking site, and he showed me the new Loopt app for the iPhone. Loopt introduced its new Pulse button that allows SXSW attendees to access a consolidated guide for all the panels, films, bands, and parties going on at SXSW (Pulse! tab > Events) From there users can listen to music clips from the […]

Paypal Send Money App for iPhone - Version 2.0
[SXSW] Yesterday at SXSW, Paypal launched its new version of the Send Money application for the iPhone. Paypal allows users to send money securely to others around the world (190 countries, 24 currencies), without the hassle of bank wire transfers procedures.Paypal launched its first mobile version for the mobile web in 2006, Paypal for iPhone was launched with the Apple app store in July 2008 and today the new feature […]

Alcatel-Lucent New API Bundles for Developers
Picture: the Alcatel-Lucent Dashboard launched at MWC, picture with new features coming soon[SXSW] Alcatel-Lucent today announced the packaged API (Application Programming Interfaces) bundles, and an associated revenue sharing model that eliminates upfront costs for developers and offers new revenue streams for service providers. Additionally, a new business and application modeling tool has been released; it allows developers to get the most out of their applications, according to the company. I […] Launches Communities: Yelp meets Wordpress meets Wikipedia
[SXSW] We published about when it launched in April 09 at Web 2.0. connects people with similar interests via the proprietary “Similarity Engine” and provides them a platform to publish and share opinions and reviews about various topics.Today, announced the release of “Communities on Lunch” a new feature that allows users to manage their own review websites on the Lunch domain, with a combination of their own […]

Junaio 2.0: Augmented Reality Browser
[SXSW] Juanio 2.0 is now available in the Apple App Store, the revamped version of the augmented reality browser offers new features such as indoor usage, a new channel concept, web- and user based information channels and an open API for developers. Since the first version launched in November 09 (read the article by Dana Oshiro on RWW), Junaio provides information on point-of-interests (see picture above), the ability to add […]