Nokia Belle map reveals availability status

Yes, you should know by now that Nokia’s Symbian Belle update has already been released after months of waiting and delays, targeting handsets which are currently powered by the Symbian Anna operating system. For those who already have Belle running on your Nokia device right out of the box, you can always give this bit of news a miss, but for folks who use the X7, E7, E6, C7, C6-01, […]

Nokia Belle update available today

It’s taken quite awhile, but the latest update for Nokia’s mobile platform (formerly known as Symbian) – Nokia Belle is finally rolling out today. The update is said to bring a fresh new look to upgradable Nokia devices – a new UI, improved performance and tons of new features. Nokia Belle is available for the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, and Nokia Oro. […]

Skype app available for Symbian Belle

If you happen to rock to a Symbian Belle device from Nokia, then be prepared to whoop for joy – it seems that the Skype app has been updated to reflect the Belle user interface, while the feel as well as overlal performance has been improved. Majority of the core voice calling and instant messaging functionality of Skype has also been thrown into the mix with this new Symbian client, […]

Symbian Belle to Nokia Belle name change explained

In addition to the ETA for the Symbian Belle update, Nokia announced on Wednesday that the operating system would be renamed to Nokia Belle. While I’m sure most of us didn’t flinch or even bother to ask why, Nokia has kindly took the time to write up a blog post that somewhat addresses the name change. Here’s what Nokia had to say: “We are still using Symbian Belle with some […]


Nokia Belle arriving in February 2012

We’ve previously mentioned that Symbian Belle would be making its way to selected Nokia handsets early next year. Well today, Nokia has renamed the operating system to Nokia Bell and given us a date to look forward to: February 2012. In addition to the update being delivered to Symbian handsets, Nokia announced that it will be selling enhanced versions of the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 with Nokia […]

Nokia 803 outed in user manual?

According to PocketNow, they’ve managed to get their hands on a user’s manual for what appears to be a Symbian Belle device that claims to be the Nokia 803, a possible successor to the Nokia N8 which some believe is still one of the better cameraphones available in today’s market.

Symbian Belle updates coming early 2012

Symbian, Symbian, what are we to do with you? You used to be the de facto operating system when it came to mobile phones, but with the introduction of smartphones, your market share started getting chipped away at, and nothing was done until it was a little bit too late, leading to the quagmire that you find yourself in today. Nokia, in fact, has already decided to ditch the Symbian […]

Nokia 603 is their latest Symbian Belle smartphone

Nokia just introduced their latest Symbian Belle-powered smartphone, the Nokia 603, in Turkey earlier today. This smartphone comes in a bevy of colors that you can see above, and it will also sport a price point that should make your accountant happy without compromising on hardware specifications and performance. The Symbian Belle interface will offer up to six home screens, while it also boasts an extended range of widgets which […]

Nokia explains the design process behind Symbian Belle

If you’ve always wondered what went through the minds of the designers at Nokia while they were designing Symbian Belle, you’re in luck. The company has recently posted up a short documentary on its official blog, describing the whole design process. Basically, the designers wanted users to spend less time looking down at their devices, and spend more time interacting with the world around them. With that in mind, they […]

Symbian Belle concepts provide a visual feast

Concept devices are always cool – simply because they are not bound by current laws of physics or manufacturing. Throw in as many features as you like into a super svelte chassis, and the concept will still work like a charm. I don’t suppose that should Nokia follow the designs of these concepts of Symbian Belle phones, they would definitely do better in the market than they are at the […]

Belle update in the pipeline?

Hmmm – could this be true? Is Nokia working on a new Symbian Belle update that is said to beheaded towards S^3 handsets? Nothing is confirmed yet, so this remains clearly in the rumors category, but there were some screenshots in an apparently leaked “secret” video (which obviously isn’t so secret anymore), that shows off differences compared to the Belle whom we all know and love. The video is available […]

Mysterious Nokia handset spotted, possible successor to the N8?

Say what you will about how Nokia is steadily losing market share, but back in their glory years, and as evidenced in some of their current offerings, Nokia has designed some pretty good looking devices that are not only eye-catching, but also pretty sturdy. A Nokia handset was recently spotted in a video of another handset, featuring what appears to be an edge-to-edge screen with a metal-looking chassis.

Nokia 703 photo leaked – Symbian or Windows Phone 7?

A recent image of a Nokia device has surfaced on the internet bearing the name/model “Nokia 703”. Based on the image alone it looks remarkably similar to Nokia Sea Ray handset that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop revealed a while back. Similarly the Sea Ray is also reminiscent of the MeeGo-based handset the Nokia N9, so what exactly is the Nokia 703?

Symbian Belle launched by Nokia

At long last, the successor to Symbian Anna is finally out – and here are all the details of the new Symbian Belle operating system update. As with any other new operating systems, you will find a slew of improvements and features that intend to make it the best yet – and Symbian Belle might disappoint just a select few once you’re done reading. Continuing the good work where Symbian […]