Say what you will about how Nokia is steadily losing market share, but back in their glory years, and as evidenced in some of their current offerings, Nokia has designed some pretty good looking devices that are not only eye-catching, but also pretty sturdy. A Nokia handset was recently spotted in a video of another handset, featuring what appears to be an edge-to-edge screen with a metal-looking chassis.


Some are speculating that this device may be the successor to Nokia’s N8, and may be following the new naming strategy, and may be called the Nokia 801. It seems that the device may favor Symbian as opposed to the slew of Windows Phone 7 devices that Nokia has promised, but then again for all we know this device could just be a concept, or used for illustrative purposes.

What do you guys think? Symbian loyalists out there, would this be a device you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on? Check out 2:20 in the video below where this mysterious handset makes an appearance.

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