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Huawei Wants In On The Tango AR Smartphone Bandwagon
Lenovo was first out of the door with a Tango-based augmented reality (AR) smartphone when they launched the Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro last year. Then earlier this week, ASUS also announced their take on the Tango technology by announcing the ASUS ZenFone AR, a phone that was both AR and VR-ready.

Viber And Tango Temporarily Banned In Bangladesh
Maybe a decade or two ago, trying to organize a mass protest would be difficult as it would basically have to rely on word of mouth for it to spread. However thanks to technology, all it takes is for people to fire off a bunch of mass messages and everyone will be caught up to speed.This is why apps such as Instagram have been banned in places like mainland China […]

Project Tango Headed For The International Space Station
Google might have search and advertising as their bread and butter, but this does not mean that the company is sitting down idly and not looking into other areas which might just change the way that the tech world works. In fact, one of the more recent forays that Google have dived into include the 3D mapping smartphone prototype which has been dubbed “Project Tango“. Project Tango might have some […]

Samsung Omnia W ready to take Windows Phone Tango route
Looks like Windows Phone is about to do the Tango tango – pardon me, I just could not resist that dig, with the Samsung Omnia W. Makes perfect sense for this to happen, especially when you consider what is practically a dinosaur in the world of consumer electronics (the 2-year old), the Dell Venue Pro, has already been reported to receive its fair share of Windows Phone Tango goodness. At […]


Dell Venue Pro receives Windows Phone Tango update
So you own a Dell Venue Pro, one of the first Windows Phone-powered smartphones in the market, which has aged rather gracefully I might add at nearly 2 years old. While you are mulling over whether to ditch this old faithful and settle for one of the more fluid Lumia devices from Nokia, you might want to hold on to your horses for a while. After all, one user in […]

Windows Phone Tango leaked for Nokia Lumia 710
The Windows Phone Tango, going by build number 8773, has already arrived pre-installed on smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 610, but it has yet to be arrived as an update to released smartphone models already. Recently leaks do suggest that the Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile might be able to be on the receiving end of Tango updates, and a latest addition to Microsoft’s site does tickle one’s mind […]

Windows Phone "Tango" renamed Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh
The Windows Phone “Tango” update is slated to arrive later this year, but it looks like it’ll be released with a different name. According to reports online, the update will be renamed as “Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh”. Seeing how it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table besides enable OEMs to produce lower-spec’d Windows Phone devices, it makes sense to keep it named Windows Phone 7.5, but the “Refresh” […]

Tango hits 40 million users milestone
Records are meant to be broken, which is why sporting events have always captivated the world’s imagination, as we are so obsessed with surpassing past greats that we constantly push the boundaries of perfection. Android has just hit 850,000 activations on a daily basis, and here we are with Tango, a free video calling service that is expected to touch and surpass the 40 million user mark in a fortnight’s […]

Windows Phone Tango screenshots leaked?
Keen on what the next iteration of Windows Phone is going to look like? Well apparently, a Russian site has leaked out what are purported to be Windows Phone “Tango” screenshots. For those not in the know, Tango is the next version of Windows Phone that is supposed to bring the mobile platform to developing countries. Windows Phone Tango will include support for additional languages, and will bring down the […]

Windows Phone Tango supports up to 120 languages
All right, the future Windows Phone Tango update is not going to cut the mustard against C3-PO when it comes to mastery of languages, but we do know that this particular operating system update is going to be able to support up to 120 languages, making it a truly international handset to own. It makes perfect sense though – if you as a company want to release a device that […]

Tango video calling updated in time for the holidays
Good news for Tango users around the world. The popular video calling service has announced some new features that will be available for mobile versions of its apps. With Tango on Mobile, users can now send high-quality video messages or leave video messages as “voicemail” when the recipient forgets to pick up the phone. Great for those nights when you can’t seem to get in touch with the other person […]

Tango for Windows Phone now available [video chat]
Remember back in September, video calling through the Tango app was demonstrated on a HTC Titan? It’s one of the features supported in Windows Phone after the Mango update, and while the app wasn’t available for download then, we’re pleased to announce that it has just hit the Windows Marketplace. Tango for Windows Phone will allow you to make video calls to other Tango users – which means not only […]

Windows Phone Tango1 update arriving in early 2012?
Microsoft released its Mango update for Windows Phone devices last week, and it looks like the company could already be gearing up to release the next big update for its mobile operating system. According to reports online, Microsoft Thailand’s Managing Director, Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhayay; the company is set to launch its “biggest consumer brand campaign” later this year and was quoted as saying: “[Microsoft] plans to collaborate with global […]

Video calling demonstrated on the HTC TITAN
Windows Phone 7’s major update, codenamed Mango, is almost here and one of the major features it will bring to the phone is video calling support. Unfortunately for all the first generation WP7 phones, they won’t have front facing cameras to take advantage of the feature. However, the next generation phones will be packing them, and Microsoft recently uploaded a video demonstrating the feature on a HTC TITAN.Overall it looks […]

Windows Phone Tango build offers content search (rumor)
Microsoft is definitely in the mobile operating system scene for the long haul – and they are clearly not going to stop when Mango is released, as there are rumors that a new update after Mango is being worked on. Interestingly enough, Microsoft might be playing a rhyming game, calling it the Tango – but that is still a rumor even until now, so do take this snippet of news […]

Windows Phone 7 updates codenamed Tango and Apollo?
If you were wondering about what the next version of Windows Phone 7 will be after the Mango update drops, the folks over at DigiTimes seem to have the answer. The industry insider recently reported that the update following Mango will be codenamed Tango, and the one after that will be called Apollo. Apparently Microsoft has already started working on the updates.Since Microsoft hasn’t made any mention of Tango before, […]

Tango beats Google to video calls on Nexus S
Google’s launch of the Nexus S was somewhat marred by the fact that the Google Talk app did not carry the video chat feature that was revealed earlier, and no applications on the Android Market also worked with the handset. This is a bummer since many people did thought that video calls will be part of a major feature of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, considering the new camera APIs were thrown […]

Tango Video Calling Updated To Support The iPod touch
We previously brought your attention to Tango, a service that allowed users to make free video calls with friends over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection on devices such as the iPhone or Android devices. If you happen to own a 4th generation iPod touch and have been jealous over your iPhone friends, the good news is that the app has been updated to work on said iPod. Aside from the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Tango, Cross-Platform Mobile Video Calling Over 3G
 When the entrepreneurs behind Tango, a mobile video-calling startup, founded their company a year ago, there wasn’t any competition to speak of. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., five miles from Stanford’s campus, Tango’s 17 engineers were just insanely focused on getting their breakthrough technology to market. “When we started, there weren’t any front-facing cameras on phones,” recalls Eric Setton, Tango’s co-founder and chief technology officer.Today, with six patents pending, the […]