Tango Windows PhoneAll right, the future Windows Phone Tango update is not going to cut the mustard against C3-PO when it comes to mastery of languages, but we do know that this particular operating system update is going to be able to support up to 120 languages, making it a truly international handset to own. It makes perfect sense though – if you as a company want to release a device that will appeal to many nationalities around the globe, you would also want to lower the common denominators of the handset itself where technical specifications are concerned, resulting in a lower average price point that can be purchased by more people without having to break the bank.

Recent reports floating around point to an additional 85 languages supported, which will not be counted alongside the current 35 languages in Windows Phone Mango, hence bringing the grand total to that of 120. Not only that, it has been speculated that Windows Phone will also deliver support for C++ in its future versions.

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