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Angry Birds Star Wars Prequel Teased Ahead Of July 15 Reveal
Rovio has teased its Angry Birds Star Wars news prior to its July 15 unveiling.

AT&T Teases July 16 'What's Next In Wireless' News
AT&T wants its customers to prepare for what's next in wireless on July 16.

HTC One Seen Underneath Various Cloths In New Teaser Images
Tomorrow is the day when HTC will be unveiling its long-awaited HTC One, which was previously referred to as the HTC M7. We’ve reported on a ton of rumors and reports regarding the HTC One, so we feel we already have a good understanding of what we should expect for tomorrow. But that isn’t stopping HTC from teasing the upcoming unveiling of the device through a number of images, one of which […]

Official PlayStation Magazine teases something big for next month
PlayStation owners, it looks like according to the Official PlayStation Magazine, something exciting will be announced next month, and if you have a copy of the magazine, you will realize that the page announcing the upcoming announcement features a huge exclamation mark, which has led many to believe that this upcoming announcement could have something to do with Metal Gear Solid, although there are some other options being considered as […]


Nokia 800 teaser ads aired in the UK
A few days ago, press shots of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone device, the Nokia 800, started showing up. Now it looks like teaser videos of the handset have started airing in the UK which were aired 1 second at a time, truly a teaser indeed. All that’s left now is for an official announcement by Nokia, which is expect to take place during the Nokia World event held in London […]

Sony teases world with new tablet video
Sony does not want to lose out on the tablet game, as they see a potentially lucrative pie that is growing larger by the day, so getting in quick and ahead of the rest is crucial in carving out a market share for themselves. Well, there are two new videos which surfaced recently (in a series of five, or so it seems) that do not damage their cause, where it […]

Sony releases first episode of new S1 tablet teasers
If you’re looking for more details of Sony’s upcoming juicy-looking S1 tablet – you’re out of luck (at least for now). The company has launched a new promotion campaign for its S1 tablet, and kick started it by releasing video teasers. The first episode was just released (there are supposed to be five in the series), and I’m not any clearer to what the tablet is about. The whole ad […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer released
We know that a lot of information concerning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was leaked earlier today. Thanks to the leak, some folks have been satisfied with the abundant information (though said to be not 100% accurate by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling), some people were unhappy it was revealed and chose not to view it, and then there are the others (me included) who just hungered for more.Well it […]

Dell ultrathin XPS 15z officially teased
Remember the ultrathin laptop that was rumored about and then leaked in photographs last week? It looks like things are about to get official. Dell has just launched a teaser website for the upcoming laptop on Facebook, showing off photographs and a video clip of the upcoming computer. Other than a few sentences describing what users have been looking for in a laptop, the website doesn’t spill anymore details about […]

New Samsung Galaxy S 2 teaser launched
For those of you who’ve been waiting for a sneak peek at the upcoming Galaxy S phone from Samsung, you’re in for a treat. Samsung has just released a new teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S 2, and boy it sure looks slim. Besides a glimpse of what the device looks like, we can’t really tell much from the video, except that it’s a “secret” that’s meant to be shared. […]