Angry Birds Star Wars is currently available for free for the next week for both the iPhone and iPad version. Rovio has taken this opportunity to tease the following message through its official Twitter account: “Big new game announcement coming on Monday! #July15.”

In addition to that message, Rovio also released the image you see above this story which is based off of Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace’s iconic reveal image. What this could mean is Rovio may be planning to announce an Angry Birds: Star Wars prequel which will be based off of Star Wars: Episode I – Episode III.

All we hope is that there’s none of the Angry Birds take on the role of Jar Jar Binks, although we’re sure he’ll show up in one form or another in the game, which we hope is in the form of a large piñata where the player throws a number of Angry Birds at it while he apologizes for what he did to the Star Wars films.

For reference, we went ahead and attached the teaser image we were talking about Rovio’s image references, which lead us to believe they’ll be announcing an Angry Birds Star Wars prequel.


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