PlayStation owners, it looks like according to the Official PlayStation Magazine, something exciting will be announced next month, and if you have a copy of the magazine, you will realize that the page announcing the upcoming announcement features a huge exclamation mark, which has led many to believe that this upcoming announcement could have something to do with Metal Gear Solid, although there are some other options being considered as well.


“I promise you that next month is an equally significant issue in our history (referring to Uncharted 3 of this month’s issue). I desperately want to say more, but really mustn’t. Other than this: turn to p.81 for a stealthy hint and be very, very excited.”

It is interesting to note that first of all, it did not specifically mention anything about PlayStation 3, which leaves the possibility that it could include a game for the PlayStation Vita. Secondly with regards to Metal Gear Solid, there is the upcoming Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, but we’re not sure if that is exciting enough to warrant a full page announcement/teaser about it.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising could also be a possibility, especially since there has not much been word about the game, which seems to suggest that perhaps this announcement will reveal further details about the game and its launch. All we know is that the next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine will be out on the 28th of November, so we will have to wait until then to know more.

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