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HP TouchPad tests Windows 8
Who would have thought that the now defunct HP TouchPad could actually still see some use – where the HP hardware team has been caught testing the Windows 8 Preview Edition on the HP TouchPad, which has seen its market price plummet to $99 in an effort to get rid of the inventory soonest possible shortly after the announcement of its discontinuation was made. Of course, this will naturally lead […]

Ghost town to be built for testing new technologies
While technology is constantly progressing forward, not everything that is created ends up being usable in the real world. A lot of things are tried, created, but eventually don’t work out to be practical or very useful at all due to lack of testing. Well, it looks like testing of new technology; especially green technology in the US is not going to be a problem in the future.

BMW tests out laser headlights to replace LEDs
Do you feel like the LED headlights on your car aren’t bright enough? Apparently so does BMW, as the company has announced that it has started experimenting with laser headlights to replace the LEDs that we currently have. Some of you might be wondering why we need laser lights, well according to BMW, it’s “the next logical step” and it provides huge advantages over current headlight technology.Laser lights would 1,000 […]

Netflix tests new web UI for kids
While Netflix is a service that offers video content for people of all ages, it doesn’t exactly have the most user-friendly interface – for people who are young enough to be considered kids. However, it looks like Netflix is attempting to address the issue. Some Netflix members have reported that they now have a “Just For Kids” tab in the web UI of the service which takes them to a […]


Facebook testing "Happening Now" sidebar
As Facebook continues on its path of internet domination, it is gradually giving users even more reasons not to leave the website. Its latest move? The introduction of the “Happening Now” sidebar. Similar to a Twitter timeline, the Happening Now sidebar displays additional information that isn’t usually on the main news feed – i.e. friends liking a link or making new friends.The Happening Now sidebar also updates in real time, […]

Google Voice Search on desktop being tested
Remember we mentioned that Google Chrome 11 brings support for voice input that works with Well it looks like Google has unveiled more plans to make use of voice input on the web. Google has been reportedly testing out the voice input feature for their regular search engine as well.

AT&T Windows Phone 7 updates are on the way
According to the latest post on the Windows Team Blog, Windows Phone 7 users on AT&T will have to wait a little longer for their phone’s updates. Apparently the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and HTC Surround are still having their updates tested – a stage expected to be completed by early April. Since it’s already the 13th now, we’ve almost reached the middle of the month – this means the […]

Quality Commander robot flicks and taps phone screens to test durability
Tokyo-based Japan Novel Corp. has come up with a robot that is capable of flicking and tapping on a smartphone’s touchscreen display over and over again, helping manufacturers out there ensure that they get the desired level of reliability. The robot, dubbed the Quality Commander, features a high-speed camera that is capable of taking snapshots of the display every time that it flicks or taps on the display, ensuring that […]

Comcast begins to test combo Internet-Cable device
Not everything is set in stone just yet, but folks over at the Wall Street Journal have mentioned that Comcast has begun to test features which will definitely have Google TV and TiVo executives sit up and take notice. Basically, Comcast is looking to enable cable set-top boxes access streaming video directly from the Internet right into your living rooms. It will merge the functionalities of a DVR with unified […]