Netflix Just For Kids

While Netflix is a service that offers video content for people of all ages, it doesn’t exactly have the most user-friendly interface – for people who are young enough to be considered kids. However, it looks like Netflix is attempting to address the issue. Some Netflix members have reported that they now have a “Just For Kids” tab in the web UI of the service which takes them to a Kids-friendly version of Netflix.

The Just for Kids UI will feature a large horizontal bar on top of the page, with kids’ characters such as Shaun the Sheep, Strawberry Shortcake, Wallace & Gromit and Hello Kitty. Clicking on those characters will bring up a list of shows that feature them, with episode previews that minimal amount of text so that kids get just cut to the chase and start watching the show.

Since Netflix hasn’t officially announced this feature, it may or may not appear for all users in the future (it will probably depend on the response and feedback of its testers). However it shows that Netflix is taking into consideration people of all ages and is expanding its target market, which is not something that most services do. Have any of you been given access to the Just For Kids tab? If so, what do you think of it?

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