BMWDo you feel like the LED headlights on your car aren’t bright enough? Apparently so does BMW, as the company has announced that it has started experimenting with laser headlights to replace the LEDs that we currently have. Some of you might be wondering why we need laser lights, well according to BMW, it’s “the next logical step” and it provides huge advantages over current headlight technology.

Laser lights would 1,000 times brighter than conventional LEDs, use require less energy to function. While the laser lights will be extremely bright, it is said to be “very pleasant to the eye” – so we won’t have to worry about being blinded when staring into them. Quite strange considering how current LEDs are already a pain to look into at the moment, and the laser lights are going to be a thousand times brighter. I wonder how that’s supposed to work. Expect laser lights in BMW cars sometime in the next few years.

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