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MIT's Project T(ether) reminds us of Minority Report
We’re sure that most of you guys have probably seen the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise. If you have, then you’re probably familiar with the scene where Tom Cruise’s character interacts with the computer screen by putting on a pair of gloves and manipulates the data on the screen through a series of gestures. Pretty cool, huh? Well if you enjoyed that display of technology, it looks like we […]

Sprint now blocks tethering apps on the Android Market
If you thought that Sprint had no problem with its users installing tethering apps on their phones, it looks like times have changed. A few months ago, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon blocked their users from downloading tethering apps via the Android Market, leaving Sprint as the only carrier without the restriction. But recently, a number of Sprint subscribers noticed that the carrier has finally put the restrictions in place.While the […]

AT&T stops unlimited data for illegal tetherers
All good things must come to an end, and if you see yourself being an illegal tetherer on the iPhone over AT&T’s network as a good thing, that, my friend, is going to have its curtain drawn down as well. Ma Bell will be removing unlimited plans for users who jailbreak their iPhones in order to tether off AT&T’s unlimited data plans. Check out what an AT&T spokesperson has to […]

BlackBerry PlayBook can tether to any phone
Now here’s an interesting piece of informational nugget – the BlackBerry PlayBook will not only be able to tether to a BlackBerry smartphone, but to make it all the more appealing to everyone else, it can also play nice with any phone. This is probably to make up for the lack of built-in 3G connectivity despite coming with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities right out of the box. Of course, this […]


WiFi hotspot function coming to BlackBerry OS 6.1
According to reports online, one of the most-requested features of the BlackBerry OS, mobile hotspot tethering will become a native feature in the next version of the BlackBerry OS. Some leaked slides of the upcoming update to BlackBerry OS have surfaced online courtesy of N4BB, and they show off the Mobile Hotspot function of the operating system. Finally, BlackBerry users have the ability to share their phone’s internet connection with […]

Windows Phone 7 smartphones get tethering hack
The Windows Phone 7 revolution hasn’t really taken off to a flying start – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to make waves in the mobile scene. The good people over at xda-developers have managed to figure out a way to hack a Windows Phone-powered HTC handset, setting up USB tethering capability at the same time. This hack will require the use of a USB modem driver that has […]

PlayBooks will be able to tether to BlackBerrys
RIM has recently announced that their upcoming QNX tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook will be able to wirelessly tether to BlackBerry smartphones – so if you won’t have to get a new data plan just to go online with your PlayBook if you own a BlackBerry device. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can just connect to the internet through your BlackBerry device. A pretty handy feature if you ask me – […]

Windows Phone 7 will support tethering (updated: it does not)
Good news for folks who use their smartphones as a modem for their notebooks or netbooks, as Microsoft’s Director for Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson, recently announced that tethering support will be included at launch, although the onus still remains on the carrier whether they want to enable it or not. For some, the availability of tethering could be a make or break decision, but for others, they don’t really […]

Samsung Vibrant tethers without need for rooting
For those of you out there who want to make full use of their unlimted 3G account, you might want to check out tethering the Samsung Vibrant to your computer without the need to root the phone. This method utilizes a USB cable which will offer Internet access to Windows XP and Windows 7-powered computers. Using Samsung’s own Kies software, it will perform all the tethering needs, as long as […]