Windows Phone 7 will support tethering

Good news for folks who use their smartphones as a modem for their notebooks or netbooks, as Microsoft’s Director for Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson, recently announced that tethering support will be included at launch, although the onus still remains on the carrier whether they want to enable it or not. For some, the availability of tethering could be a make or break decision, but for others, they don’t really mind since they would much rather tote around a USB-powered 3G modem instead. Of course, with the advent of WiMAX networks popping up across the US at the moment, tethering might not be such a huge issue any more.

Update 9/26/2010: this information was based on a comment made by a Microsoft employee in a podcast last week. It turns out that his info was incorrect. “Windows phone 7 does not support tethering”, says Microsoft

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