BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot

According to reports online, one of the most-requested features of the BlackBerry OS, mobile hotspot tethering will become a native feature in the next version of the BlackBerry OS. Some leaked slides of the upcoming update to BlackBerry OS have surfaced online courtesy of N4BB, and they show off the Mobile Hotspot function of the operating system. Finally, BlackBerry users have the ability to share their phone’s internet connection with other WiFi devices without having to pay for an app to provide the function. This news goes hand in hand with the imminent launch of the PlayBook, since the WiFi-only version of the tablet will most probably rely on the presence of a BlackBerry with tethering to allow it to go online when users don’t have an accessible WiFi connection nearby. Other features spotted in the leaked slides are NFC support (that can be turned on and off) as well as sharing the phone’s internet connection to a computer via USB (which can already be done now). RIM sure is stepping up their game, by updating their smartphone OS but is it too late?

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