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News Corp. Ends "The Daily" News App
It’s a sad day over at News Corp’s headquarters. You know it very well that the company’s “The Daily” digital newspaper is considered as the world’s first iPad-only news app. But users never expected the app to be going away so soon. Today, News Corp. is announcing is major strategic shift in the company which entails ending the said app.In a press release sent today, the company writes, “As part […]

The Daily bleeds $10 million in first quarter
News Corp’s iPad-only digital newspaper, known as The Daily, might be seen as some to be a lost cause – after all, it has already bled some $10 million during the first quarter of its earthly existence as reported by the company said on its most recent earnings call. $10 million might not seem like much for a huge organization, but it is still a substantial amount considering the staff […]

The Daily app updated
Apple has just launched a new update for The Daily app and improves the overall performance of the app. It brings much needed improved stability and speed enhancements to the iPad exclusive daily newspaper, and this is what The Daily should have been at launch.Apparently the first release of the app was pretty buggy and didn’t give users an accurate representation of what The Daily should be like.To update your […]

Read The Daily for free
Apple and News Corp’s iPad-exclusive paper, The Daily just launched yesterday has an interesting feature that you probably don’t know about – subscribers and non-subscribers can view the web-based version of all its articles for free. The only problem is that Apple doesn’t provide users with a convenient way to access them. Andy Baio, a journalist/programmer decided to solve this problem – by creating a Tumblr account where he posts […]


The Daily iPad newspaper delayed for several weeks
While many folks were happy to hear rumors that Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper – The Daily, would be launched on January 19th, some bad news has surfaced. According to reports, the newspaper has been pushed back in order to help Apple prepare its iTunes subscription plans. The app itself is said to be good to go and has already been in a dry run phase where editors write only for […]