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Here comes the tablet madness
It’s hard to spend a day without writing or reading something about a new tablet. Whether it is real like JooJoo or a rumor like Apple’s (and Dell, and Asus and…) one thing is certain: there’s a growing tablet obsession among manufacturers. Many companies are still kicking themselves for having missed the first “Touch” wave, and now that Apple is said to be building a tablet there’s no way around […]

Google Voice for iPhone 'rejected', says Google
The Google Voice application for iPhone has been rejected by Apple, says Google. The reason invoked by Apple is that Google Voice duplicates the dialer function included in the iPhone and replaced a “native function”, which is grounds for a rejection. The rejection would have occurred in July during a phone conversation with top executives (Apple’s Phil Schiller and Google’s Alan Eustace) from both companies. Apple has previously said that […]

Upcoming console: SexBox
Not actual product ;)Silicon Xtal has filed a patent for an adult-oriented game console called SexBox. Read the info from the Trademark Office:Video Gaming System Console comprised of computer hardware with unique user controls which plays interactive Adult Only rated (AO) video game software titles, and has proprietary software and firmware that provides access to associated AO content and entertainment in all other digital forms ex: audio, video, HDTV, DVD, […]

New HTC Leo pictures look good
New pictures of what seems to be the HTC Leo have appeared on the web. The HTC Leo runs on a Qualcomm 1Ghz snapdragon system on a chip (SoC). The device thickness (or thinness) is 11mm and its design looks like a good compromise between the large display and the use of physical buttons required by Windows Mobile 6.5. There’s another photo and a list of rumored specifications in the […]


Tim Sweeney: The End of The GPU Roadmap
Epic Games founder and 3D engine architect Tim Sweeney has presented what he calls “The end of the GPU roadmap”, where he essentially says that GPU as we know them are too limited, and predicts that by 2020 developers will switch to a more flexible massively parallel programming model where all fixed functionality (texture filtering, anti-aliasing, rasterization) have been replaced with a software implementation, backed by massive computing power. There’s […]

Optio WS80 is a waterproof compact camera
The Option WS80 is a waterproof camera that can capture underwater photos and videos without requiring the use of an airtight case (note that the maximum depth is 1.5meters or 5 feet – best for snorkling!). I wish that I had this product earlier in the summer, but I guess that it might not be too late for some of our readers. Here are the features, in a nutshell: 10 […]

CPU against GPU in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
WSJ’s Don Clark has written an interesting article about how GPUs (graphics processing unit) and CPUs (central processing unit) are competing to be the top processor in Hollywood’s Computer Graphics (CG) business. In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, ILM used GPUs to compute a fire effect*. This is quite a milestone for an industry typically dominated by CPU farms.While there is indeed a nascent competition between both types of […]

iPods to die when their gross margins will be too low
During its last conference call, Apple said something very sound: “We expect traditional MP3 players to decline over time as we cannibalize ourselves with iPhone and iPod Touch”. While many companies are afraid of cannibalizing (the sales of) their old products with the new ones, the cold reality is that if you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will do it.It is clear that older iPods (non-Touch) are nearing the end […]

SilverLight 3 And How Microsoft Plans To Have You Install It
We blogged live at the Silverlight 3 keynote this morning and had the opportunity to look at some very interesting demos. For most people, Silverlight is “just another web video player”, but in reality it’s much more than that. HD Video streaming is only one of the infinite possibilities that SilverLight would let developers do. It’s really a platform that runs on different operating systems and Microsoft has shown that […]

iPhone 3GS: Prepare For a 3D Graphics Shock
Half-Life 2 on PC. The 3GS GPU has all the features required to do thisThe new iPhone CPU is getting a lot of buzz, and for sure, it will make the iPhone 3GS more responsive than its predecessors, but I think that most users will be “shocked” to see how powerful the iPhone 3GS is for 3D graphics. Obviously, you have seen the specifications: we’re going from a fixed-pipeline graphics […]

Sony Wants To Win With PSP Go, But Not at Any Price
Since it was announced at E3, the Sony PSP Go and its pricing in particular has created a lot of buzz on the web. If you missed it, PSP Go is not so different from the PSP, except that it basically fixes the portability problem and relies on digital files downloads for game acquisition. As for the pricing, it’s never low enough obviously, but at least we can take a […]

What Happened to the PS3 Slim Rumor?
The Sony Press Conference was arguably as impressive as the Microsoft one (which was a huge surprise, by the way). Many PlayStation fans were ecstatic about the upcoming Sony Motion Controller and there was one last thing that they were hoping for: a price cut for the PS3. It didn’t happen of course. So, what happened to the PS3 Slim rumors? Apparently nothing, but don’t dismiss it quite yet. For […]

The Art of Motion Control: Beyond the Hype
[E3 2009] I don’t think that anyone had envisioned a post-E3 motion controller war, but that’s what’s happening in the forums and elsewhere right now. After the cool on-stage demos from Microsoft and Sony, gamers are split on what’s “better”, Sony’s Motion Controller magic wand or Microsoft’s full body project Natal. Our first take was that Project Natal was “better, but let’s try to go beyond the hype to review how […]

Netbook Drama: Arm Might Surpass Intel by 2012
There’s nothing like an analyst report to create drama: Robert Castellano (The Information Network) believes that the future of Netbooks lies with ARM and its Cortex-A9 architecture. According to him, ARM’s processor will be much cheaper than Intel’s offering – cheap enough to sway swaths of netbook makers to ARM’s side. For this to happen, Mr. Castellano is betting on two things: Massive adoption of Linux, as Microsoft does not […]