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Tinder Introduces A New Kind Of Swipe Called 'Super Like'
The Tinder experience essentially boils down to either swiping right or swiping left on fellow users but today the hookup app has announced that it’s adding a new kind of swipe to the app and it’s called “Super Like.” To Super Like you don’t swipe left or right instead you swipe up or tap on the new blue star icon when viewing someone’s Tinder’s profile.

Fallout Shelter Ad Found In The Last Place You’d Expect
Fallout Shelter is such a popular game that we’re pretty sure it doesn’t really need much advertising in order for players to learn about it. However a little marketing never hurt and it seems that Bethesda has resorted to a rather curious and unique method of marketing, which is through the use of Tinder.This was reported by Kotaku who was alerted to Bethesda’s marketing tactic by one of their readers. […]

The League Is Basically Tinder For The Elite
By now we’re sure many of you guys have heard of dating apps such as Tinder, where you put your profile online and people can swipe left/right if they dislike/like your profile. Tinder is pretty much open to just about anybody, but it seems that a new dating app called The League wants to change that by catering to the elite.So how does The League know whether or not you’re […]

Tinder Launches Verified Profiles For Celebrities
For those who have used Tinder, we’re sure at some point in time you must have come across someone using a photo of a celebrity as their profile photo. Heck, their name might also be that of the celebrity, but given that this is the internet, can you really trust what you see? Well thankfully just like what Twitter and Facebook has done, Tinder will now feature verified celebrity profiles.


Your Heart-Rate Will Now Determine Tinder Matches 
Tinder has already marked its niche in the dating world, now a company known as T3, is coming up with a whole new version of the popular dating app for Apple Watch. This new version is dubbed as “Hands-free Tinder” and it does not require users to use their hands to swipe right or left, instead the app detects user’s heart beat to find a match. T3 has come up […]

Tinder Matches Have Hit The 8 Billion Mark
Thanks to technology, everything has been made easier, faster, and more efficient, even when it comes to our love life where trying to find someone you might be interested in is only swipe or two away. By now we’re sure many of you guys have heard of Tinder, the dating app where you swipe left or right on profiles to show your interest (or disinterest).Now the app has been around […]

Tinder’s Latest Update Features Integration With Instagram
Tinder is probably a dating app that many of you guys have heard by now. For those who haven’t, it’s an app that lets users find other users within a certain distance, and swiping left/right will see you like or dislike their profile. Users who like each other will then be able to strike up a conversation, thus reducing the amount of spam and unwanted messages.That being said, Tinder has […]

Movie Ex Machina Uses Tinder To Promote Itself
Tinder is a dating app we’re sure many people are familiar with. For those who aren’t, it’s an app that lets you swipe left or right to show your like/dislike of a person’s profile, and if you both “like” each other, you will match and you will be able to chat with one another. That being said its potential has seen use by third-parties who might not necessarily be interested […]

Tinder Plus Goes Official At $9.99
It was first reported last year that Tinder may launch premium options for a monthly subscription. The new features were to be bundled into a subscription based package called Tinder Plus. Now Tinder Plus has finally gone live. Price points vary depending upon your location, and age, yes age is a differentiating factor here. Features include the ability to undo a left swipe and being able to search for potential matches in […]

Tinder Plus Expected To Launch On Monday
We have known for a while now that premium features are coming to Tinder, a popular smartphone dating app, and that users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access those features. The new features will be bundled under a program called Tinder Plus which according to a recent report is going to launch on Monday, that’s tomorrow, for $9.99 per month.

Brazilian Government Uses Tinder To Promote AIDS Awareness
People use dating apps for all sorts of reasons. Some are out there to find true love, some are out there to make friends, while others use dating apps to hook up with others for casual sex. Perhaps the number of people using apps like Tinder for casual sex are a bit too high which is why the Brazilian government has decided to step in.The government has recently (via The […]

Tinder Plus To Arrive In The US Next Month
Ever accidentally swiped a potential Tinder profile to the left when you meant to swipe right and vice versa? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an undo button? If you recall, that’s exactly what Tinder will be getting. In an earlier report, it was revealed that the paid version of Tinder would be getting such a feature.Dubbed Tinder Plus, the premium version of Tinder is expected to be making […]

Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility For Knocking Facebook Offline [Updated]
Update – Facebook released a statement claiming that it was not a hack, but due to changes they made to their configuration system.In case you weren’t aware, earlier Facebook and some of Facebook’s other services such as Messenger and Instagram went offline for a very brief period of time, which has been estimated to have been about an hour. So what was the problem? Maintenance? A server error? Or could it […]

Tinder Finally Gives Users The Ability To Undo A Swipe
Many of you would have probably heard about the popular dating application called Tinder. It displays photos of users which other users can browse. If they come upon someone they don’t particularly like, they can swipe left. If muscle memory has ever made you swipe left on someone you wanted to actually get in touch with, don’t worry, Tinder is finally giving you the ability to undo that action. There’s […]