Many of you would have probably heard about the popular dating application called Tinder. It displays photos of users which other users can browse. If they come upon someone they don’t particularly like, they can swipe left. If muscle memory has ever made you swipe left on someone you wanted to actually get in touch with, don’t worry, Tinder is finally giving you the ability to undo that action. There’s just one caveat though, its a paid feature.

It was reported recently that Tinder is going to add premium features to its service in order to open up a revenue stream and this is it. The feature is aptly called Undo and it will let you go back on the Tinder user you just swiped left on.

That’s not all. This feature is part of Tinder Plus which also includes another new feature called Passport. Currently the app does not allow you to browse users outside of your geographical location. With Passport, you can search for Tinder users in another city or country, so you can plan for that one night stand ahead of traveling.

Unfortunately Tinder Plus isn’t immediately available in the U.S. It is being launched only in a handful of countries initially which includes the UK, Brazil and Germany. Only 40 percent of the user base in these markets will be able to access these features. A concrete price point has not been determined for Tinder Plus but a few will be tested which range from $0.99 to $4.99, and even $19.99 in certain markets. Tinder will see which price point suits which market.

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