Tor Project Releases Mobile Browser For Android

The Tor Project surprised its fans this week by releasing its mobile browser for Android. The organization has released the first alpha of the Tor browser for Android as part of the Tor Browser v8 update that was released earlier this week. It’s the first ever mobile browser from the organization that’s behind the Tor network and the eponymous browser.

What is Tor & How to Use It Properly

The Internet is not always a secure place for exchanging information. There are prying eyes on you ranging from Governments, local Internet Service Providers (ISP), or even hackers out there trying to get a piece of your information. Although current security measures are deemed “good enough” by most users, Tor has been created to go farther for users who want to get as anonymous and safe as possible.

KickassTorrents Is Now Officially On The Dark Web

Trying to take down a torrent website is like playing an endless game of cat and mouse. A website gets taken down, another pops up, or the torrent website just creates an alternative URL, and basically it really depends on who is faster. That being said for users of KickassTorrents, you will be pleased to learn that soon it won’t really matter.

Facebook’s Android App To Get Built-In Tor Support

The name Tor might not be familiar with some of you guys, but in recent times it has started to gain more attention (or notoriety) thanks to the Silk Road website that operated on it in which it allowed visitors to buy all kinds of drugs freely (albeit illegally). However that wasn’t always what Tor was meant for.


French Police Wants To Ban Tor And Public WiFi

It has been several weeks since the terrorist attacks in Paris left 130 people dead and more than 300 injured, but it is still fresh in the minds of many around the world. So what can France do to help curb these attacks? According to a report from French newspaper Le Monde (via Motherboard), the French police have come up with some ideas of their own.According to the internal document […]

Tor Users Were Not At Risk During Attack

Lizard Squad, a hacker group, has been pretty busy over Christmas. First it knocked down PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, bringing online gaming on PlayStation and Xbox consoles to a standstill, and then set its sights on an anonymity network called Tor. Lizard Squad shifted its focus over the weekend, saying that it would “no longer attack” gaming services, and instead go after Tor with a zero-day exploit. Simply put, a […]

Anonabox Router Promises You Anonymity Across The Web

Many internet users like to remain anonymous on the web even if they’re not involved in anything shady, which is why the Tor browser has such a strong user base. However certain sacrifices have to be made with regards to the user experience when accessing the internet through the Tor browser. Anonabox aims to do away with them. It is an open source router that has been designed specifically to run […]

Tor Claims Network Was Breached, University Researchers Suspected

For those unfamiliar with Tor, it is basically a service in which Internet users can use to cloak themselves in a shroud of anonymity. While it does sound shady (and rightfully so, given that many of Silk Road’s users were using Tor), it does have more noble purposes, such as protecting the identities of journalists/reporters who need to find out information without giving away their identity.That being said, it seems […]

Tor Building Anonymous Instant Messenger

Now there’s really no shortage of instant messaging services, apart from the ones built by third party developers, major vendors such as Apple, Google and BlackBerry have their own messaging services. However since last year when word of NSA’s clandestine spying operations broke, a lot of questions have been raised about the security provided by such services. It seems that the market could do with a service that was built […]